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3 Ways to Restore to the Old Style Facebook Chat Sidebar [How-to Guide]

About two weeks ago, during Facebook's "Something Awesome" event, the social networking giant launched a new interface for Facebook Chat along with Skype powered video calling. But only after two weeks, many Facebook users doesn't seem to welcome this new interface for their beloved chat feature. If you are one of those users who find the new interface to be awkward or just simply plain terrible, then we have a couple of solutions to make Facebook chat less intrusive and more like the good old interface.

Facebook Chat
There are actually 3 ways for you to restore the old Facebook chat, just use whatever is applicable to you and what you're comfortable with.

Solution #1

Facebook Chat Popup
This one is a very simple solution that will only require you visit a link. This link will bring you to a chat window that's very similar to the old Facebook chat interface. This is granted that you do not mind that your chat is entirely in a new window or tab. Just open this link in your browser:

If you are on Firefox, there is a workaround so you can make the popout chat appear in the sidebar instead of a new tab or window:

  • Go to Firefox's Bookmarks menu, select Organize Bookmarks.
  • Create a New Bookmark.
  • Enter a name for the bookmark. Enter the URL given above for the Location. Make sure that you check the Load this bookmark in the sidebar.

Solution #2

Facebook Chat Greasemonkey
This method is mainly for Firefox users and will require you to install an extension and a script in order to restore the old Facebook chat sidebar. Just follow this 3 easy steps:

  1. Download and install Greasemonkey. This addon gives a user the freedom to customize web pages from how they display to how they behave using Javascript.
  2. After installing the addon, go to and install Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion.
  3. Go to your Facebook page and you should see that the chat bar has been revised to resemble the old one.

Some of the features Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion script:

  • Shows ALL online/idle friends
  • Shows ONLY online/idle friends (Doesn't show offline friends)
  • Orders friends by first name
  • Groups friends by online and idle.
  • Shows total number of online/idle friends when chat bar is open and closed.
  • Chat bar adjusts in size based on how many friends you have online.

Solution #3

Fix Facebook Chat Extension
This time, this particular method is catered towards Chrome users. This is yet another procedure that requires you to install an extension. The extension is called Fix the New Facebook Chat.

Out of frustration of the new facebook chat system, you know – the one that shows offline contacts jumbled up awkwardly with online and Idle contacts – I decided to create an extension to hide all the offline contacts to have a simplified interface which will show only Online and Idle contacts side-by-side, similar to the old interface, with the added bonus of the new search function and multi-person chat function!

Just go to this link to install the Fix the New Facebook Chat Chrome extension.

These three solutions should pretty much got you covered if you want if you want to get back the old Facebook chat interface. So does any of the methods work for you?

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    Henrik9 years, 7 months ago

    Thank you very much for the tip.

    The greasemonkey script works perfectly in chrome. One doesn’t need to install greasemonkey since chrome supports this out of the box.