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Top 10 iOS Games That You Should Have In Your iPhone

With more than 400,000 apps that are available in the iTunes app store, getting into the gaming scene in the iOS can be quite intimidating. So who exactly do you start? Would you first settle with popular games or apps coming from high profile companies? Or would you rather delve into the indie scene where you might find a hidden gem? In reality, there are tons of great games in the App Store, you just need to know where to look.

Today, we will be giving you 10 of the best iPhone games that we whole-heartedly recommend to you. Games that ideally represents gaming for the iPhone. Keep in mind that these are personal recommendations, so if your favorite game is not listed please don't be upset. If I try to list every games that I love in the iOS, then I could go on all day. Here are 10 of the best games for the iOS in no particular order:

Game Dev Story

iPhone Game Dev Story
This one is a bit of an oldie but still a goodie. There are many simulation games that are made for just about everything, whether you are trying to build an ancient colony, a modern city or building railroad networks. This game however puts you in the shoe of a game developer. As the guy in charge of a certain game company, it is your responsibility to hire writers and programmers, come up with game genres and ideas, advertising, dealing with fans and so on. It is full of quirky characters and does a great job of parodying the game industry. Just be wary though, I remember playing this one for about 7 hours straight. Definitely a game that you can't just put down.

Buy it here for $3.99.

Angry Birds

iPhone Angry Birds
But of course, I'm sure that you are not surprised by this game making it here. It is safe to say that this game represents the face of gaming on the iPhone. With its colorful, goofy graphics and fun physics based gameplay, this game sure took the iPhone gaming community by storm. You are basically catapulting birds to destroy houses of evil green pigs until they are all defeated. Angry birds is a great example that even if the premise is simple but as long as it is fun and elegantly executed, you will surely have a winner on your hands. If you are one of the few iPhone owners who hasn't tried this game yet, well do yourself a favor and get this game for a buck.

Buy it here for $0.99.

Fruit Ninja

iPhone Fruit Ninja
If you want to know more about the story or situation of this particular game, then just read the title. Yes, Halfbrick Studio brings you a game that doesn't tell a grand story, and quite frankly, in this case it is not necessary. Yes, you are basically a ninja that somehow has to cut down countless numbers of many different succulent fruits by swiping the screen like crazy. Yes it sounds lame on paper, but once you actually get to it, it is so addicting and oddly therapeutic.

Buy it here for $0.99

Infinity Blade

iPhone Infinity Blade
Easily one of the best looking game to grace the iPhone, if not the best looking. Epic Games' Infinity Blade is the ever game to utilize Unreal Game Engine for the handheld. The gameplay is actually quite similar to the classic Nintendo game Punch-Out. Basically you traverse the castle of the God King, fighting his minions in a one-on-one duel until you get to the God King himself. Epic Games peppered in some RPG elements so you can buy new weapons and armor for your character. The developers also keeps on rolling out updates for the game which adds more content.

Buy it here for $5.99.

Doodle Jump

iPhone Doodle Jump
Another staple for the top 10 most popular gaming app. Doodle Jump is one of the best-selling game for the iPhone, and for good reason. The premise really can't get any simpler, you just need to hop upwards in order to increase your score. It is an "endless run" kind of game so the goal is to get the best score that you can and beat your friends. This simple but ridiculously addictive game spawned hundreds of knockoffs and imitators. It is one of the best pick-up-and-play game that you'll ever have. Just don't play it before you have to do something because it would seriously affect your productivity.

Buy it here for $0.99.

Bug Heroes

iPhone Bug Heroes
This game is one of my personal favorites. We all know that tower defense games are dime-a-dozen in the app store. But don't write off this as just another run-of-the-mill tower defense game. Foursaken Media has done a great job of fusing dual-stick shooting, tower defense and RPG elements. Basically, you have three heroes to command, the Ant, Beetle and Spider (although it is now updated with 9 playable heroes) and you will need to defend your food pile from the hordes of bugs that are out to eat them. Not exactly a game for casuals but once you get the hang of it, you will surely find yourself addicted. And as of this writing, it is offered for free, so grab it now.

Get it here for FREE.

Tiny Wings

iPhone Tiny Wings
Ah! Another physics-based bird game? Well don't mistake for Tiny Wings for an Angry Bird clone because this game from Andreas Illiger is entirely different. Another game that best represents iOS gaming. From the easy to pickup controls, crisp and colorful graphics and of course the addictive elegant gameplay that makes it difficult for you to put down your device. This game was a surprise hit and has become very popular eversince, and for good reason. Everyone literally can play this game and have a blast. For a game that costs only a buck, you really can't go wrong.

Buy it here for $0.99.

Cut The Rope

iPhone Cut The Rope
Here's another mainstay when it comes to the best selling games on the iTunes App Store. If you have more room for a game with colorful, crisp graphics, charming characters and addictive gameplay, then you owe it to yourself to get Cut The Rope. The aim of this colorful physics-based puzzler is for you to figure out how to get a piece of candy on one side of the screen so you can feed it into the cute green little monster called "Om Nom." You can accomplish this by cutting the ropes with a finger swipe. It is a fantastic puzzle game that will surely have you hooked within seconds.

Buy it here for $0.99.

Chaos Rings

iPhone Chaos Rings
Chaos Rings is Square Enix's, makers of the Final Fantasy franchise, RPG offering for the iOS. Chaos Rings is made for RPG fans who are craving for a true traditional role-playing experience in the iPhone 4. Fortunately, Chaos Rings deliver exactly that. Chaos Rings is one of the best looking game for the iOS and couple that with a solid captivating gameplay and you've got a definitive RPG experience at the palm of your hands. Casuals may shy away from this game due to the price but for those who are looking for a complete role-playing experience in the iPhone, then this game has got you covered.

Buy it here for $12.99.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

iPhone Sword & Sworcery
Describing the experience of playing this game won't probably do it any justice. This is one of those case that could justify calling video games as art. Sword & Sworcery is kind of like one of those classic PC adventure games back in the day. There's exploration, excellent narrative, puzzle solving and light combat. One of the best features of this game is definitely on how it utilizes the iPhone's touch and tilt mechanics. With gorgeous visuals and genius sound design (play this with your headphones on), this game is like no other when it comes to iOS apps. It is an emotional and intellectual game that needs to be experienced by iPhone owners.

Buy it here for $4.99.

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      SAM is the only way out. If it dint work out for you, yes there is an alternative. If you have the official carrier SIM that came locked with your iPhone, follow this:
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