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Ryan Petrich Releases 3 New Cydia Tweaks As A Part Of TweakWeek [Cydia Tweaks]

Ryan Petrich, the Canada-based Cydia tweaks developer, has kick started TweakWeek by releasing 3 new Cydia tweaks. For those of you who don't know, TweakWeek is a series of daily open-source tweak releases wherein the developer is supposed to release a new tweak on every single day of the week. Once the week is up, the chance goes forward to the next dev and the next and so on. The contest will go on till July 20th with each week offering 7 tweaks from a single new tweak developer.

The TweakWeek has some rules to follow as well:

  1. One release a day for seven days. By the end of the week, a developer will have 7 tweaks in hand.
  2. All the tweaks released must be Open-Source tweaks.
  3. The final of all, the work on the tweaks must be done on the release day.

1. DietBar

DietBar is a new Cydia tweak that will help you to reclaim precious pixels by shrinking the height of most in-app navigation bars to a minimal size. DietBar gives you more viewing space, thus giving you a bit more room on your screen. It makes the navigation bars on your device a bit skinnier to save you some pixels for viewing room. Once installed, DietBar will slim your in-App bars; may it be inside a stock app or inside a 3rd party one, both at the top and bottom. Since the iOS has a tendency take up room on the screen that is not needed, this tweak will get the native bars slim and trim. You can find DietBar in Cydia for Free.

Slimmer Top & Bottom Bars Gives A Lot Of Viewing Room.

Ryan Tweak DietBar

2. PagePusher

Have you ever wanted the iBook page-curl kind of transition when you navigate through your iDevice? Well Ryan has a solution for that too. iBook lovers can now install PagePusher which will replace the default iOS slide-transition to an iBook page-curl turning transition. Once installed, without any extra icons, the tweak gets into immediate action and replaces all the default transitions (including the default stock app transitions) to the page-curl magic. You must be aware that this tweak is not that great in terms of performance or battery life. It merely gives your iPhone a WOW effect and will definitely cough up your older devices with transition lags. Nevertheless, you can install this tweak via Ryan's repo

Ryan Tweak PagePusher

3. SplitMail

SplitMail is a new Cydia tweak for the iPad that allows you to display additional column on the left side for emails in portrait mode similar when it appear in landscape mode. Once installed, the tweak gets into action immediately. No extra icons will be installed on your SpringBoard. The settings for SplitMail will be available from the Settings app itself. You can download SplitMail as well from Ryan Petrich's repository

Ryan Tweak SplitMail
The contest will go on till July 20th with each week offering tweaks from a new developer. More developers have already lined up to showcase their tweaks as well for the TweakWeek until mid July. Make sure to check back Jaxov for more updates :)

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