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Over-The-Air Automatic App Updates Are Coming To iOS 5 [Report]

Just when the iOS 5 is right around the corner, MacRumors was able to dig out a new feature that is expected to be seen in the upcoming iOS major update - An Automatic Over-The-Air App Update option. That's right. This information was accidentally stumbled upon by a MacRumors user who was just checking his App library for updates. When he had asked iTunes to check your app library for updates, the iTunes' update page revealed a new feature for the iOS devices.

App Updates
The following line has been added to the My App Updates screen:

Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync.

Well, we all know for sure that such an option doesn't exist, neither in iTunes nor anywhere in the current iOS updates as a setting option as well. Currently, users are able to update their Apps only via iTunes or on their device itself one way or the other with the help of iTunes. Apple has been always rumored to be making a push into over-the-air updates as well as some sort of wireless syncing. We believe that this will be an option somewhere in the that can be toggled ON/OFF from within the iOS itself and then be able perform updates on the go without any iTunes intervention.

Unfortunately, if you want to take a look at the screen for yourself, you'll not be able to because Apple has already removed the extra line from the App update page. This does sure confirm that an OTA update is on its way and that its a feature iOS users always wished for, barring the fact that they really don't want to try this for any heavy iOS upgrades/downgrades. One more addition to the iOS 5 feature list and one more day left for the official unveil. Watch out for the WWDC updates on Jaxov :)

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