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New iOS 5 Feature: You Can Now Use Your iPhone and iPad While Syncing

Well what do you know? It's another hidden feature of the iOS 5 revealed. Since Apple's keynote presentation of the iOS 5 at the WWDC, iOS fans were floored by just how feature-packed the company's next major release of the iOS is. Aside from the features that were highlighted in the WWDC, more and more features are being uncovered by those who has access to the beta build of the iOS 5.

iOS 5 Syncing
Before the iOS 5, each time you sync your iDevice with iTunes, it means that you will be unable to use it. It has already been that way whenever users want to sync their devices through iTunes, but now with the iOS 5, such inconvenience will be completely phased out.

That is because now with the iOS 5, users will now be able to use their iDevice even while syncing. Working or playing with an app while syncing? Sure. Sending a text message while syncing? Absolutely. This sort of feature may be considered to be minor but it is definitely a step to the right direction in improving the overall user experience.

Synchronicity Tweak
Jailbreak fans may have actually enjoyed this feature before with jailbreak tweaks such as Synchronicity. So this feature is not exactly considered new. But definitely, it is great of Apple for officially adding such feature for the iOS.

So there you have it, another feature of the iOS 5 revealed yet again. With the way things are going, we are expecting more new features to be unveiled anytime soon by iOS 5 beta testers.

The iOS 5 is due for release this fall and is currently available to those who have developer accounts in Apple's Developer Center. [via iPhoneDownloadBlog]

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