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MobileNotifier Developer Peter Hajas To Work With iOS 5 Notification?

Just last week, iPhoneinCanada has posted that developer Peter Hajas may have started working for Apple. And who is Peter Hajas and why is this newsworthy? Well, Peter Hajas is the one who developed the popular jailbreak notification tweak called the MobileNotifier for the iOS. Here's a video of how this particular tweak works:

Peter Hajas never did say anything that confirms the rumor that he has been working with Apple but he did post an entry to his blog saying that he will be taking a break from developing due to current "opportunities" and "priorities".

I'm taking a break from MobileNotifier and Widge for a while. I have other opportunities and priorities currently. I won't be able to do much (if any) work on the projects, and I won't have time to respond to many Tweets or emails. The project is in capable hands, with Kyle Adams, Tim Novinger and others (like Marc Easen) keeping things going. This is definitely not goodbye.

I can't say why, but it's worth it. Trust me. If you look around hard enough, you'll probably figure it out.

But RedmondPie discovered a tweet (now deleted) that was made by Hajas earlier last month which pretty much lets the cat out of the bag.

I’m glad you like it. I’ll see what I can do I will be back for a few weeks, then I’m off to work in CA at a “fruit” company.

In addition to that, RedmondPie received from an unnamed source from Apple a screenshot (above) that confirms Hajas to be an employee of Apple.

Mobile Notifier
If you put everything into perspective, all of these makes proper sense. It has been widely known that Apple has been working to implement a revamped notification system for the iOS 5. The MobileNotifier jailbreak tweak has received quite a significant number of positive feedbacks from users, stating that it is far better than the stock notification system.

Now it will be interesting to see just how Apple handled the notification system for the iOS 5. We will know for sure this coming Monday in Apple's WWDC. [via RedmondPie]

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