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iCloud Finally Unveiled: Features, Price and Everything You Need to Know

If you have been closely following Apple for these past few weeks, then you surely have heard all the buzz about the company's new cloud storage service, the iCloud. After much rumors and speculations, Apple has finally lifted the curtains and unveiled the iCloud today at the WWDC. So what exactly is iCloud? Read on to find out.

Apple iCloud
iCloud is basically Apple's own offering for the cloud computing industry and confirmed to replace the company's online offering, the MobileMe service which was introduced in 2009.

Effective June 6, 2011, if you had an active MobileMe account, your service has been automatically extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. After this, the MobileMe service will no longer be available.

Apple has announced a new service called iCloud which will be available this fall and free for iOS 5 and OS X Lion users. When you sign up for iCloud, you’ll be able to keep your or email address and move your MobileMe mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the new service.

iCloud Key Features

iCloud Sync
Online Apps: Many of the features of the iCloud seems to be derived from the MobileMe, making the iCloud basically an updated and expanded version of Apple's previous online offering. Now online Contacts and Mail Apps have been built from scratch in order to work better with the iCloud.

Highly Improved Syncing: With MobileMe, the syncing was only limited to contacts and emails. With the iCloud, not only will you able to sync contacts and emails across your devices but also files, documents and pictures. The syncing all happens in real time, so any information that you change or modify on one device will immediately reflect on your other devices.

iCloud iTunes
iTunes Cloud Syncing: With iCloud, any content that you purchase through the iTunes, whether it is a song, iBook or an App will automatically be synced into a maximum of 10 devices. For contents that you have already owned, you can choose to download each content individually.

When Will iCloud Be Available?

iPhone iCloud
iCloud service will be released this fall, although there is no confirmed date yet. If you are a developer, Apple has provided a developers preview build of the iCloud for you to try.

There have been speculations and rumor that iCloud will be a paid service which is why it comes as a big surprise that the iCloud is offered for free. There is a limit of 5GB for each user with the exception of purchased content and Photo Stream.

Apple does not really have a proven track record when it comes to online services but we will see if the iCloud manages to change all that.

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