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Gevey Supreme Red SIM: Untethered Unlock For iPhone 4 Without Jailbreaking [Coming Soon]

Earlier we reported that ApplenBerry has just released Gevey Ultra SIM which is an untethered unlock solution for the iPhone 4. Now according to our sources, it seems that the folks from will be releasing their own version of an untethered Gevey unlock SIM, and it is called Gevey Supreme Red.

Gevey Supreme Red
Please do not confuse the two because while Gevey Supreme Red and Gevey Ultra offers the same function of untethered unlock for the iPhone 4 of any firmware and baseband, each of the product are rather different. Probably one of the most notable difference is that with Gevey Supreme, you can unlock your iPhone even if it is not jailbroken unlike with Gevey Ultra which requires you to add a repo and install the FuriousMod through Cydia, the device needs to be jailbroken.

Another interesting difference between the two is that while Gevey Ultra boasts a jailbreak solution that you won't require you to dial to 112 unlike with previous Gevey SIM offerings, Gevey Supreme Red somehow retains this particular activation method. But since Supreme is also an untethered unlock, you will only have to dial  112 once since turning off or rebooting your device won't disable the unlock.
iPhone 4 Unlock
Here's How to Unlock Your iPhone 4 Using Gevey Supreme Red:

  1. First go to Settings > Network and Turn off Data Roaming. Reboot your iPhone.
  2. After rebooting and getting past the unlock screen, insert the Gevey Supreme SIM into the tray with your own micro SIM card on top.
  3. After a few seconds, the screen will show you the welcome screen. Just tap Accept.
  4. Now you will have to dial to 112, wait for the call screen to show and then tap End Call.
  5. Now navigate to Settings and enable Airplane Mode. Wait until you see the "No SIM card installed error", just tap OK.
  6. Disable Airplane Mode and you will be presented with errors, "No SIM card installed" and "SIM Failure". Ignore this and just wait for the device to pick up the signal.
  7. Once you are got the signal, got to Settings > General > Network and toggle Data Roaming On in order to activate your 3G.
  8. Each time you reboot or turn on your iPhone 4, the Gevey welcome screen will show up but this time you will have to tap Cancel.

And you are done. The whole process will take you more or less 5 minutes.

Gevey Supreme will be available worldwide while Gevey Ultra is only distributed in countries that are supported by ApplenBerry. Although unconfirmed, it is highly likely that the Gevey Supreme will be cheaper compared to Gevey Ultra. Gevey Supreme Red should be officially be available later this week.

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