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Facebook Will Be Launching A New Photo Sharing App For The iPhone? [Rumor]

When it comes to photo sharing apps in the iOS, Instagram is definitely one of the most widely used apps. But it looks like someone is bound to challenge the reigning leader in iOS photo sharing app by no other than Facebook themselves. According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook is about to launch a photo sharing app that's similar to Instagram.

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TechCrunch managed to get their hands to roughly 50 MB of leaked images and documents that pertains to this secret photo app. Based on the leaked screenshots, the app looks like a hybrid of Instagram, Path and Color, with some added twist on its own. At the same time it also looks pretty similar to a watered-down version of the official Facebook iPhone app where the pictures are sorted by dates and events.

The app looks like to be a standalone program and according to internal sources, it could be called “Hovertown” or “WithPeople”. But it also very possible that it will be integrated into the official Facebook iPhone app.
Facebook Secret Photo Sharing App
If this turns out to be real, then it is only fair to assume that this app will surely be met with huge success. Facebook is already the no.1 social networking website with billions of users uploading about 6 billion photos per month. If Facebook decides to compete with existing photo sharing apps, then it is highly likely that they will be given a run for their money, especially of course if it is handled properly.

There is still no confirmation whether it will be a standalone app or it will be integrated into the current Facebook photo app, or if it will support other platforms other than the iOS. Expect more details to be unveiled soon.

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