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Facebook Hits Another Milestone, Now 750 Million Strong

When it comes to social networking, it is no doubt that Facebook is the website to beat. But it seems that the social networking behemoth just won't stop growing with regards to its active users. According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook has now more than 750 million monthly active users which is definitely a very impressive feat. It looks like they are well on their way to their 1 billion milestone.

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This massive number came from TechCrunch's source who is allegedly have close ties to the company. This is definitely a milestone for Facebook but when the company was contacted with regards to this, they declined to give any comment and said that they have nothing to announce.

That isn’t surprising: the company hasn’t officially released an updated user count since it reached 500 million users nearly a year ago. Facebook has obviously been growing since then — we believe the company may be waiting until it hits the 1 billion mark before officially updating the stat again.

Back in January, there was a leaked data from Goldman Sachs that was supposedly for potential investors that states the number of monthly active Facebook users which was about 600 million back then. Meanwhile there are other unofficial sources that indicates that the current 750 million may indeed be the closest to the actual number of monthly active users.

In the mean time there have been numerous reports from unofficial sources tracking Facebook’s growth. Socialbakers reported in late May that the site was around 700 million users, and Inside Facebook reported that the tally was at 687 million earlier this month. This data can be difficult to interpret because it’s based on third-party companies like Quantcast and/or Facebook’s ad tools, which may not necessarily be completely accurate.

This is definitely an incredible growth for Facebook. One would wonder if when they are going to hit that 1 billion mark? Will it be this year? It was not long ago that Facebook had some privacy concerns which made some users deactivate their account. But it seems that was inconsequential because Facebook continues to grow at a rather impressive rate. Here's to a billion for Facebook. [via TechCrunch]

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