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Developer Chronic Uncovers Nuance Voice Recognition Feature Of The iOS 5

If you have been keeping up with us last week, you will know that the iOS 5 was previewed in last week's WWDC 2011. And also by this time, you already knew that the iOS 5 has tons of announced and unannounced new features. There is a feature that everyone was expecting to be announced but surprisingly, Apple didn't mention. The feature in question is the one that is rumored to be a partnership between Apple and Nuance.

Apple Nuance Partnership
Many media outlets have made a report about this particular partnership that is supposed to be the step to bring a more powerful voice recognition feature to the iOS 5. As the WWDC went on, there's not a single word from neither Apple nor Nuance about this feature. Fortunately, the jailbreak community is curious enough to dig around the internal settings of the iOS 5 beta and uncover some hidden features of Apple's latest iOS.

Nuance Dictation Option
And lo and behold, there is indeed an internal settings that proves the partnership between Nuance and Apple. The curious individuals that dug around the iOS 5's internal settings are the famed jailbreak developer, Chronic and with the help of Sonny Dickson. Chronic posted some screenshots of the iOS 5's internal settings that shows what seems to be configuration for the voice-recognition feature that everyone was expecting.

iOS 5 Voice Recognition Shortcut
Based on one screenshot provided, somewhere hidden in the internal settings of the iOS 5, users will be able to toggle Nuance Dictation on and off and as well as an option called Nuance Long Endpoint. And also based on the other screenshot provided, it looks like users will be able to quickly activate the Nuance Dictation feature through the iOS 5's keyboard.

It seems that every day, more and more features of the iOS 5 are being uncovered by those who partake in the beta version of the iOS 5. Which is not really surprising because it was clearly stated by Apple that it has over 200+ new features. Also you have to keep in mind, what we saw from the WWDC was merely a preview and that the build that is available for now is merely the beta 1 build. So I'd imagine that Apple still have a good deal of tricks under their sleeves and will surely surprise us more as the iOS 5 releases this fall.

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