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Rumor: Apple’s Next Generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 Will Have an 8 MP Camera?

According to a report of DigiTimes, the yet to be announced next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 will have an 8 MP camera. The anonymous source of DigiTimes claims that the iPhone 5 will use camera sensors that's made by OmniVision Technologies, a corporation that specialize in designing and developing digital imaging solution.

iPhone 5
According to the sources of Digitimes:

About 90% of the CIS orders for Apple's new iPhone will be supplied by OmniVision, while Sony takes up the remainder, the sources said. The upcoming device will feature a built-in 8-megapixel camera, the sources added.

Thanks to the Apple orders, OmniVision is expected to grow its total wafer starts at foundry partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to almost 260,000 8-inch equivalent units in the third quarter, up more than 40% sequentially, the sources indicated.

TSMC will use BSI (backside illumination) process technology at its Fab 14 to produce CISs used in the new version of iPhone.

There have been several rumors that are floating around that Apple is looking to improve the specs of their camera for the iPhone 5. A rumor which seemingly coincides with the report of DigiTimes. Also keep in mind that OmniVision is the supplier of CMOS sensors for Apple's iOS gear.

iPhone camera
For Apple to improve their camera specs is not exactly that far-fetched. With the next iOS smartphone, it only makes sense that they perform an upgrade to its camera. Considering of course the sheer popularity of the iPhone 4 being utilized as a camera. The iPhone 4 is widely considered to be one of the best camera phone that is available in the market even after almost a year since its release.

This particular rumor barely holds any weight though, especially considering the fact that the iPhone 5 has yet to be announced.

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