Fix iPhone 3GS (iPad Baseband) Battery Life Issues on iOS 4.3.3 [Tips]

Here are some quick battery saving tips for those iPhone 3GS users who have iPad baseband (06.15.00) and are currently unlocked on iOS 4.3.3 using Ultrasn0w 1.2.3. Not only iPhone 3GS users but these tips are also valid for iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G/3G and iPad users who are having battery life issues.

Awesome Battery Life [Image Credit: Cheng Jason]

  1. If you have iOS 4.2.1 SHSH blobs then downgrade to iOS 4.2.1 by following this guide. From my personal experience, iOS 4.2.1 provides you with best battery standby time because it uses less RAM and processor as compared to iOS 4.3.x. If you do not have iOS 4.2.1 SHSH blobs or if you think iOS 4.3.x provides much better battery life than iOS 4.2.1 then skip to next step :P
  2. Downgrade to iOS 4.2.1 Firmware

  3. Disable native iOS 4.x.x multitasking on your iDevice using this guide.
  4. Disable Multitasking

  5. Do not want to disable multitasking? Install Remove Background SBSettings toggle from Cydia. Before your iPhone goes into sleep mode, use this toggle to remove all apps running the background in one go.
  6. Remove Background SBSettings

  7. Activate your iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 4.2.1 or iOS 4.3.3 using SAM. To do so, follow this guide.
  8. SAM (WildcardActivated)

  9. Disable MobileSubstrate Addons: Navigate to SBSettings -> More -> MobileSubstrate Addons and disable the one you do not use.
  10. Disable MobileSubstrate Addons

  11. If your network provider do not support 3G service then turn it OFF.
  12. Disable 3G

  13. Not using Bluetooth? Turn if OFF.
  14. Disable Blutooth

  15. Not using Celeste app? Turn it OFF.
  16. Disable Celeste

  17. Not using EDGE or GPRS, turn it OFF.
  18. Disable (EDGE-GPRS)

  19. Not using WiFi? Turn it OFF.
  20. Disable-Wifi

  21. Uninstall Winterboard app from Cydia.
  22. WinterBoard

  23. If you still want to use Winterboard themes, install iWipeCache from Cydia.
  24. iWipeCache

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  • santosh

    I’m having 3gs model, but the battery is reducing from 100% to 80% even if it is idel mode. Everything is switched off (i.e) 3G, Wi-Fi, brightness etc… what i should do further?
    Is the problem with the battery or some technical problems on phone?

    Battery is NEW battery

  • Indiabolo

    i have read all your comments by far
    I have an Iphone 3GS running 4.3.3(8J2) with baseband 5.13.04. bootloader 6.4 and week 43
    It is Jailbroken with a custom firmware created using redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc16 and unlocked with ultrasn0w 1.2.3 from cydia.
    all works fine expext… gps… works very bad….keeps loosing its signal and derouting always…..searching gps signal continuelsy…..
    although i have the precious 05.13.04 baseband……it keeps malfunctioning…..
    when i had the original 3.1.2 firmware my gps worked perfeclty…
    please give some help…
    my regards and thank you in advance!!!

    • Pramod

      “custom firmware created using redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc16” – Recheck this statement. Redsn0w 0.9.6 never had the capability to create a custom IPSW.
      It could be an issue due to the preserved BB, but that’s very unlikely to happen. Have you tried using the GPS in a different area probably?

  • sam

    Pramod thanks- you are absolutely the tops – managed to activate the Iphone 3GS as per your instructions. THANKS A TON

  • sam

    Thanks – will keep you updates on the upgrade and unlock .

  • sam

    Ive downloaded all the requisite files..before I really do this, one last you think Dev team will ever bring out a unlock solution for 4.2.1 with BB 5.15.04? Also do you think in the coming future Iphones will ever move to base band of 6.15 and hence enabling updates? Lastly isnt there any way to downgrade the BB to the series for which the unlock soln is av? Thank You.

    • Pramod

      Nope & don’t expect anything regarding the iPad BB from the Dev-Team in the near future either because we really don’t know for sure if they are even planning to work on it. You can still update your iOS, but make sure that your using a custom IPSW instead of a stock one from Apple. Also, updating the BB is a forever change that can never be downgraded / restored back.

  • sam

    Yes I am aware – gps may not work, battery issues and wont be able to upgrade. However at least the phone will work. So how do I upgrade the base band to 6.15 – Cydia is loaded the phone is untethered jail broken.Thank You

  • sam

    I’ve a Iphone 3gs – version 4.2.1, and baseband 05.15.04 – jailbroken, attempted unlock – when I put a bsnl sim it either shows searching or then no network. In the Carrier – it shows not able to load carriers. Any help pls.

    • Pramod

      Ultrasn0w doesn’t support that BB for an unlock. You need to update to the iPad BB if you want an unlock for your device. Make sure that your already aware of the risks / consequences of updating the BB before doing so.

  • Rocker

    when will the Dev-Team’s downgrade tool be released, its been over 3 months i think. And the battery drainage issue is so annoying. Any ideas when the downgrade tool will be released??

    • Pramod

      No ETA that we know of & not anytime soon either. Don’t think that anyone is working on it either as of now.

  • fatum

    stupid question.How to get the app that you use on the 3-rd step and how it calls?? o_O do not understand x_X

    • Pramod

      Its called SBSettings & Remove Background SBToggle that you can download from Cydia.

  • ShadeX

    ok will try and let you know.


  • ShadeX

    Thanx for you quick response Pramod.

    In fact this what I have done. Fresh install and monitoring the apps I install but to to avail. Having same problem of springboard crash over again.

    Any ideas?


    • Pramod

      Have you checked this right before your sync? I’m sure it doesn’t behave like this right before you sync it with your library & right after the fresh restore. Set up your iPhone as a new iPhone right after a new reinstall & then see for the issues right away.

  • ShadeX


    Been reading all the tips and comments. Nice ones!

    I have an Iphone 3GS running 4.3.3(8J2) with baseband 5.13.04.
    It is Jailbroken with a custom firmware created using sn0wbreeze 2.7.3 and unlocked with ultrasn0w 1.2.3 from cydia.

    My issue is that my springboard keeps crashing every now and then for no apparent reason and enters safe mode. I then have to restart the springboard manually. The phone sometimes reboots completely by itself for no apparent reason. It even happened during a phone call.

    I have no themes installed and only have sbsettings 3.3.1 from cydia.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • Pramod

      There could be many/for no reason at all that your springboard keeps crashing every now & then. What I would prefer is instead of trying to solve this, redo the custom IPSW restore of your iP3GS to a fresh install. It could be an incompatible app as well that could be causing this issue, you may never know. After the fresh install, keep an eye on the apps you install one-by-one. That should solve it.

  • Alex

    It is possible to downgrade the FW from 4.3.3 to 4.1 with iPad BB, and the GPS will come back on… it did it for me!

  • shadowneko003


    I can’t seem to get iWipe Cache to work. It won’t load when I press the app. Instead, the screen goes black, and then it leads me back to the lock screen.

    • Pramod

      Well that’s how it functions !! Its cleaning your cache memory (more or like a refresh of your device) You don’t expect it to run some flashy screens for it now do you? :D

  • Leonardo

    Guys, my iphone 3G always shut down a few minutes after 3G or WiFi on. How can I solve this problem ? Any suggestion ?

    • Pramod

      Your query is very vague. There could be ‘n’ number of problems that could be causing this issue (due to some incompatible apps/Cydia tweaks etc..). I would suggest you to follow a fresh restore of your iOS on your iP3G first & then see if the problem still persists.

  • Infinitus

    Hi there, I find great tips there. There are some rummors if iphone 3gs with ipad BB will downgrade to 4.1 this will fix gps issue. Is there any true or we just need wait until Dev Team release ipad baseband downgrade?


    • Pramod

      That’s only a rumor. You need to wait for the Dev-Team’s downgrade tool.

  • Rohail

    i will give it a try but just afraid of losing battery life again. Its been fixed

    after lots of struggle :P.

  • Rohail


    i have iphone 3gs ios 4.1 BB 06.15…obviously facing battery drain problem. I

    installed push fix(some people mentioned it would fix problem) but still facing

    same problem. Just 1 question:

    Should i upgrade to iso 4.2.1 and apply same process like u mentioned. SAM for hactivation. Will it solve problem of battery drain…?

    one more question.

    after closing 3g, wifi every data usage app. my phones battery drain 4% in an hour this mean in 8 hour it drains is it normal? ( i m talking about stand by time.)

    A humble Reply would be Greatfull.


    • Pramod

      Its a common issue and with 3G ON you cannot expect it to last longer as well. Follow this same guide as it might help you on how you can save enough battery on your iPhone with the iPad BB. You may also try the upgrade option as well, but it may not show much of an improvement. Also since your on the iPad BB, battery issues are always a headache. You might also officially activate your iPhone using SAM as it might help you in case your hacktivated. Follow this guide

      • Rohail

        wow thts magic…i followed all steps u mentioned above used SAM tool to hactivate..and worked like a charm..but notifications not working did same back up activation and restore activation…did more than 5 times..but i dont need that i m concerned with battery timing only…and its back to normal like before i was on 5.13 bb ……well thnx man thnx alot for your co-operation and your help.


  • dinar

    hi i just installed the remove background, just wondering how to use it, and what is the effect thx

    • Pramod

      Remove Background as mentioned in this post is to remove all the Apps that maybe running at the background. These apps can be manually exited from the Multitasking bar as well. But, in case you had loads of Apps, you’ll not need to exit each one of them manually which is quite hectic. With RB, all you need to do is:
      1. Swipe the Status Bar to bring SBSettings.
      2. From the drop down, tap RemoveB.
      3. Done, now all your Apps that were running in the background are closed.


    Hi. I managed to finally jailbreak and unlock to 06.15.00, but now my device says that charging is not supported with this device. I’m running 4.3.3. Do any of these tips support my specific issue?

    • Pramod

      “Charging not Supported for this device” error is something related to either the USB cable your using or the charging port of your iPhone. Make sure your cbale fits in proper and that you are also using an original one too. Try different ports of your desktop too to see if the problem still persists and also different cables as well.

      • BRYAN

        Guess what? As soon as I plugged the iPhone into a power socket, the error message went away. Now, I can plug it up and charge it from my Mac and my car.

  • Amrane

    Hello, Wolverine!
    I have this question about battery :
    Is charging while the USB connection harmful to the battery life because of the many times “charging-discharging”? or may be because of the nature of the source itself (USB)?
    If yes, is there a tool, to “disable” charging while connected to the computer as in some other smart phones or pocket PC’s?
    Thank you very much.

    • Wolverine

      Nops. It is not harmful in anyway. iPhone will never over-charge your battery in any case.

  • chunkie

    I found an easier way to disable all of the programs that are multitasking in the bkgd…

    1. double click the home button
    2. hold down one of the app icons (as if you were going to delete it or move it)
    3. a minus symbol will show up on the icons
    4. tap the icon again, and the app will shut down.

    Not sure if this is old news already, but that’s what I’ve been doing every time I finish a program. Ever since I upgraded from 3.1.2 to 4.3.3, I’ve been googling ways to stop my quick battery drain. I figured out those steps only b/c I didn’t know where my music controls were…and then accidentally held an app icon too long, and…voila.

    Hope this helps ppl (if they didn’t already know)

    • Wolverine

      Why waste your time by removing them one by one? Just use the tip in step 3 to close all apps running in background in one go. Cheers :D

  • Jason

    I’m on iOS 4.3.3 with the 06.15 ipad baseband. I’ve been trying to install SBSettings and it worked for 2 mins the first time I tried but then it went into IT safe mode. I tried rebooting but the only way I could get out of safe mode was by removing SBSettings. Now whenever I try to install Springboard keeps crashing. Please help me!! lol

    • Wolverine

      Yup! Its a known bug in SBSettings and the developer knows it. Some people reported that they fixed it by re-installing Mobile Substrate from Cydia. If it still not works, i will recommend you to restore your iPhone.

      • aaron

        install mobilesubstrate manualy usinf ifile and google. there are lodes of sites hat tell you how to fix this