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Sn0wbreeze Developer Will Unveil Mysterious New Project This Thursday

Over the weekend, down in the world of Twitter, jailbreak developer iH8sn0w have announced something that caused quite an uproar. iH8sn0w is no stranger to the jailbreak scene, this 16 year-old iPhone hacker is the developer of the popular jailbreak tools like Sn0wbreeze, iREB and F0recast.

iH8sn0w's ProjectIf
So what was the commotion all about in Twitterverse? Apparently, the jailbreak developer has announced he will be presenting a mysterious new project. How mysterious? The details that were released were basically non-existent except for the project's name and when it will be unveiled.
The project's name is called ProjectIf, with a tagline "The beginning of something new". iH8sn0w has made an official Twitter account for this project, so people can keep track of it over at Twitter. The event will begin on Thursday at exactly 5pm (EST).

For iPad 2 owners who have been waiting forever for a jailbreak hack might want to keep their hopes down because iH8sn0w specifically stated that the project has nothing to do with iPad 2. One thing is for sure though, the Toronto based hacker is definitely enthusiastic about this one.

Sn0wbreeze Logo
iH8sn0w is a developer with proven track record, with over 60,000 followers in Twitter. So it would be difficult to take this announcement with a grain of salt especially when the developer himself is quite excited about it. Whatever it is, one can only conclude that it will be significant to the jailbreak scene.

Well, the only way to find would be to see the event this Thursday 2nd of May 5:00pm (EST). The whole event will be streamed at iH8sn0w's live USTREAM channel.

So what do you guys think this secret project is? [via, via iH8sn0w]

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