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OutFolder Jailbreak Tweak: Delete Folders Easily With Just One Tap

Back when iPhone OS 4.0 was released, Apple introduced a new folder feature that allows the user to easily organize applications in the springboard. But is no secret to iOS device users that deleting folders from the springboard can be quite a chore. Before you can delete a folder, you are required to empty its contents first, which currently the only way to do it is to painstakingly drag each of the folder's content before it deletes itself. For those who are bothered particularly by this non-intuitive way of removing folders, we have found a tweak that removes all that tedium.

Outfolder, a new iOS tweak that looks to eliminate all the hassles the come with the supposedly relatively simple task of deleting folders from the springboard. Using this tweak, you will be able to delete your folders in the same manner as deleting apps from your springboard. You simply need to tap a folder until the icons start to wiggle or shake, then tap the "X" button. You will get a confirmation prompt, and if you confirm, the folder will be deleted and all its contents will be automatically brought to the springboard.
There is no confirmation yet as to when this neat little tweak will be released or how much will it cost. But you can trust us to keep an eye on this particular tweak and we'll let you know if it's released or if we learn additional details.

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    Jimmy10 years, 2 months ago

    People will found it hard to pay for this tweak as it supposed to be developed by Apple :(