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iPhone 3GS Will Not Support iOS 5, Says Eldar Murtazin

An unpleasant news for iPhone 3GS users who were waiting in line for the iOS 5 update. A recent tweet by Eldar Murtazin, Editor-in-Chief of the Russian mobile phone blog Mobile-Review, suggests that the much hyped iOS 5 will not be coming to the iPhone 3GS. Removing the 2-years old iPhone 3GS from the list of supported iDevices is something that we expected long ago.

No iOS 5 for iPhone 3GS
Apple always follows the tradition of discontinuing new software updates for older generation devices. Apple initially dropped support for iOS 4.0 and above on the iPhone 2G and in a not so happy fashion, also stopped the 4.3.x compatibility on iPhone 3G. But why the 3GS? Wasn't it fast enough? Maybe not as fast as the A4 and A5 chips in the current iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 respectively. But then what about the rumors suggesting that Apple was still internally testing the next iOS installation? The tweet is definitely inconclusive at this point of time.
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS is still able to run all the latest apps and games currently available for the iPhone 4 as well and hopefully will continue to do so until the next year. Why would Apple want to stop the support of iOS updates for a device that is still in the market? Apple's market shares will be hit hard if millions stop buying the iPhone 3GS after reading this report. We can only wait and watch how this is going to play out for Apple in terms of market shares and profit in the upcoming quarters.

Apple is due to announce iOS 5 next month on June 6th at the WWDC. Its highly unlikely for Apple to be unveiling a new iDevice alongside iOS 5 at the WWDC keynote. iOS 5 definitely seems to be hardware demanding and is expected to be a complete makeover of the current iOS 4 saga, supporting integration of the cloud services as well. We'll keep you posted on the updates. Stay tuned :)

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