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How to Install Windows 8 (7850 M1) From USB Flash Drive?

Last time we shared a superb guide on how you can install Windows 8 within Windows 7 using VMware workstation. This guide is for those who want to install Windows 8 as a standalone or dual-boot OS from a USB flash drive. To create a Windows 8 bootable USB pen-drive, all you need is a Windows 8 ISO image which you can download from different torrent websites. Before proceeding to the guide, keep in mind that the current leaked release of Windows 8 is in beta stage (Not even OEM), so you can experience some serious bugs and crashes which might lose you your important data.

Windows 8 (Jaxov)

Download Prerequisites:

Steps to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB Pen Drive:

  1. Plug your USB flash drive into your PC and format it in NTFS filesystem. To do that, go to My Computer, right-click on your USB disk drive under Devices with Removable Storage section and choose Format option from the context-menu.
  2. Format Windows 8 USB Flash Drive

  3. Choose NTFS from filesystem drop-down menu and hit the Start button.
  4. Formatting USB Flash Drive

  5. Mount Windows 8 ISO to any virtual drive.
  6. Mount Windows 8 ISO Image

  7. Press Ctrl+R to open Run window. Type CMD in the Open field and hit the Enter key.
  8. Windows Run CMD

  9. Navigate to the location where you have exacted and use the following command:
  10. Mbrwiz /list

    Windows 8 USB Mbrwiz List Commond

  11. As you can see my USB is labeled as Disk: 2 in the above screenshot, so i will be using disk 2 as my active partition to make my USB bootable. Use the following command on command prompt where X is your USB disk label.
  12. Mbrwiz /disk=X /Active

    Activate USB Flash Drive Partition

  13. Open another command prompt window by repeating step 4. You can see from the screenshot after step 3 that i have mounted Windows 8 ISO image in F: drive. Now use the following commands where X is your Windows 8 ISO mounted drive and Y is your USB flash drive.
  14. K:

    CD boot

    bootsect /nt60 Y: /mbr

    Update NTFS Filesystem Bootcode

  15. Copy all files from your Windows 8 ISO image to your USB flash drive.
  16. Once done, reboot your computer and press DEL key to enter BIOS. Set USB drive as the first boot drive and exit BIOS by saving changes.
  17. If you followed the above steps properly, Windows 8 installation should start from your USB flash drive.

Update#1: Create Window 8 Bootable USB/DVD with Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool [How-To]
[Source(s): BlogsDNA]

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