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Update on iPhone 4 02.10.04, 03.10.01 Baseband Unlock Through NCK Brute Force Method

A quick update for those who are eagerly for iPhone 4 02.10.04, 03.10.01 baseband unlock. As reported earlier, MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev-Team is working on a new unlock method for iPhone 4 which involves brute forcing the NCK from the Seczone. In a reply to his follower on Twitter, MuscleNerd told that he has finally managed to get Seczone dumper working for iPhone 4.

MuscleNerd NCK Unlock Update
For those who don't know, Seczone is an area in iPhone baseband which stores lock information. Seczone dumper will be able to log all data in Seczone while traversing different possible values of NCK key. The Seczone dumper for iPhone 4 is very different as compared to Seczone dumper for iPhone 3GS/3G/2G which was simply memory mapped.
MuscleNerd NCK Unlock Update
As unlocking iPhone 4 through NCK method will result in a permanent unlock, so there will be only one chance per iPhone to dump the NCK key. Once an iPhone is unlocked, it can never be relocked to a specific carrier to get another shot for capturing the NCK key. Also, the Seczone is so tiny that it will only take a fraction of second to dump all data in it. Once all data in Seczone will be dumped in a file, MuscleNerd and his team will work on an offline brute force method to crack NCK key from it. At this moment, the only goal is to make sure that Seczone dumper do not miss the NCK key from getting logged during dumping process otherwise they will have to get another locked iPhone to carry out the same experiment. [via, via Tweet]

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