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Msft.Guy Fixes Ultrasn0w to Unlock iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.3 with Ultrasn0w Fixer

Yep! You read the title right. As most of you already know that Ultrasn0w unlock tool is broken on iOS 4.3, Msft.Guy (@msft_guy) has released an Ultrasn0w Fixer tool which fixes Ultrasn0w on iPhone 3GS running jailbroken iOS 4.3 on it. iH8sn0w has just released a quick video demo of this Ultrasn0w Fixer featuring his unlocked iPhone 3GS which appears to be running iOS 4.3 GM.

Ultrasn0w to Unlock iOS 4.3 on iPhone 3GS

Initially Ultrasn0w Fixer was able to unlock iOS 4.3 (beta 1| beta 2 & beta 3) but iH8sn0w ported it to iOS 4.3 GM as soon as Msft.Guy has made his Ultrasn0w Fixer open-source. As the build number of iOS 4.3 GM and iOS 4.3 final is same, so most probably Ultrasn0w Fixer will work on iOS 4.3 final as well. Unfortunately, Ultrasn0w Fixer works for only iPhone 3GS users at this moment but hopefully iH8sn0w and Msft.Guy will port it to iPhone 4 as well.

It is not known whether Ultrasn0w Fixer will be available to iPhone 3GS users in the form of Cydia package update or iH8sn0w will release another beta of Sn0wbreeze 2.3 incorporating Ultrasn0w Fixer in it. Stay tuned while we update you with the latest news on Msft.Guy's Ultrasn0w Fixer and its release.

Download Ultrasn0w Fixer source-code for iPhone 3GS.
Update#1: Download official Ultrasn0w 1.2.1 to unlock iPhone 4/3GS & fix signal-bars issue on iOS 4.3.1.

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