How to Boot into Tethered Mode After iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak Using iBooty 2.2?

After jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on iOS 4.3.1 with Sn0wbreeze 2.4b1, you must boot your iDevice into tethered jailbroken state using iH8sn0w’s (@iH8sn0w) iBooty tool. iBooty uses iTunnel to upload pwned 3.1.2 iBoot, iBEC and Kernelcache file which allows all new bootrom (iBoot-359.3.2) iDevices to boot into tethered mode.

iBooty for iOS 4.3.1
The files (.DFU & .Payload) used by iBooty are unique for every iDevice. When you create iOS 4.3.1 custom IPSW, Sn0wbreeze places iBooty and required files on your desktop along with CFW. If iBooty.exe fails to detect your iDevice, then it means iBooty is unable to find or access the respective (.DFU & .Payload) files for your iDevice.

Steps to Boot iDevice on iOS 4.3.1 into Tethered Mode Using iBooty:

  1. Connect your iDevice to your PC via USB cable.
  2. Launch iBooty.exe and select your iDevice from the drop-down list.
  3. iBooty (Select iDevice)

  4. Click on Start button and use the following instructions to put your iDevice in DFU mode:
    • Prepare to press Home and Power button on your iDevice.
    • iBooty (DFU-Step-1)

    • Press Home+Power button simultaneously for 10 seconds.
    • iBooty (DFU-Step-2)

    • After 10 seconds, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button until iBooty detects your iDevice in DFU mode.
    • iBooty (DFU-Step-3)

  5. As soon as iBooty will detect your iPhone in DFU mode, it will patch your iBoot with Limera1n exploit and will follow the .
  6. iBooty (Expoiting with Limera1n)

  7. After exploiting with Limera1n, iBooty will reset the connection of your iDevice.
  8. iBooty (Waiting for Device)

  9. As soon as iBooty will detect your iDevice again, it will upload the LLB (Low Level Bootloader)
  10. iBooty (Uploading LLB)

  11. Once done, your iDevice will reboot automatically and will not stuck on Apple logo.
  12. iBooty (Done)

Although Sn0wbreeze creates iBooty folder on your desktop along with custom IPSW but if for some reason you are unable to find iBooty folder on your desktop, use the download links below.

Download Links:

Download iBooty 2.2 for iPhone 4
Download iBooty 2.2 for iPhone 3GS
Download iBooty 2.2 for iPod Touch 4G
Download iBooty 2.2 for iPod Touch 3G
Download iBooty 2.2 for 1st-Gen iPad

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  • Khatera

    After jailbroken is ibooty a must? at the moment what i could do was to restore my iphone 4 . 6.1.3 through itunes but i hope i dont lose the jailbreak and cydia? please somebody help me

    • Patrick Gumban

      Hi, iBooty is used to boot devices into tethered mode which is for devices that have tethered jailbreaks. Each time your device shuts down, you will need to boot it using iBooty or Redsn0w or else, it will not work. If you restore your iPhone 4 to iOS 6.1.3, you will lose your jailbreak and Cydia but you can still perform a tethered jailbreak since it’s supported in your device by using the latest version of Redsn0w. Hope this helps!

      • Ricardo Coto

        Hey everytime i shut down the iphone should i use iboot ? i mean is anyway i can’t fix this ? think if you don’t have your computer near :(

  • Khatera

    After jailbreak was done via snowbreeze i went through ibooty , now my iphone 4 got stuck and apple logo is in screen, what i do? im in big trouble

  • jayvdn

    Nothings happend about this booty..i still cant use in any sim still stuck in 5.16.00…hope u help us soon tanx..

    • Wolverine

      ROFL! This is iBooty (NOT Booty) What is your iPhone model? Current firmware? Current baseband? (There is no such iPhone baseband 05.16.00)

  • Joel

    i have this problem when i lock my iphone 3gs i always come up with black screen even u push home botton and off botton nothings happen. to start up again my iphone i always use ibooty everytime it happen. please help me to fix my iphone 3gs 4.3.1 version. do you any idea whats happen the ibooty or the ireb cause ireb cause the black screen mode. tnx

  • Speshuggah

    Hey, I have an iPod touch 3G and I just jailbroke it with snowbreeze. It has Cydia on it. I am having some trouble with this iBooty business though, I have downloaded and run the program from your iPod touch 3G link, but when I open the iBooty program and click “select your idevice” nothing shows up. Please help me out if you get the chance!

    • Wolverine

      First, why bother to use iBooty when untethered jailbreak is already out 2ndly, iBooty will not show your iDevice in drop-down-list if it failed to find the .DFU file which should be present in files directory. This files directory should be present in the root of same folder in which iBooty is present.

  • dan

    I had to restart ibooty. I thought i messed up it kept getting stuck at apple logo.

    • Wolverine

      Yeah! iBooty 2.2 has a bug that it do not kicks iDevice out of recovery if not restarted (Sometimes).

  • Stephan

    Mine always ends up not opening, or it always says I have to plug it into iTunes, Can you please help??

    • Usman

      I was stuck at this stage for sometime, what I did was

      1. Made an ipsw for preserving my baseband with sn0wbreeze
      2. Restored it (same process)
      3. iPhone boot in recovery screen
      4. Made a new ipsw but now with option selected as hacktivate
      5. Right after it was done with l

      • Usman

        5. After reboot I started ibooty and started iPhone in tethered state

        That’s it, and I’m using the same phone and replying you. 100% tested

        • Stephan

          My iPod doesnt show baseband + I have no idea how to make a ipsw in sn0breeze, can you reply telling me how I can do/figure out these things?? Thanx for all your help so far I appreciate it alot :D

          • Wolverine

            There is no baseband of iPod or iPad. Only iPhone runs baseband as a separate OS. Use this guide to make IPSW with Sn0wbreeze but i will recommend you to wait for untethered jailbreak.

  • usman

    As soon as i use iBooty ver 2.2 for boot my iphone 4 goes into DFU mode after reboot.

    Is there any solution?
    Would highly appreciate any response ! Thank you

    • Wolverine

      Got it. Restart iBooty and and when your iPhone is stuck at Apple logo -> Then start the DFU procedure from step 3. Also make sure your iPhone is connected to your PC when you are putting it into DFU mode.

      • usman

        Thank you for your reply my friend :) Going to try it again and again

  • Stuart Doherty

    When I use ibooty 2.2 to reboot my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.1 it just goes to apple logo and does nothing else, I should point out this is after updating cydia! Not sure where I have gone wrong or if it’s a glitch with ibooty!

    • Wolverine

      Nothing wrong with your iPhone, Sn0wbreeze or iBooty. Just boot your iPhone using iBooty after Cydia upgrade and wait for some minutes at Apple logo step. It usually takes long.

  • LC-J

    Ahh, perhaps that last comment should have been directed here. (Just relised that the other article was 4.3 orientated). Are these iBooty.exe’s specific for 4.3.1 then and differ from the other thread for 4.3? Cheers Wolverine, really appreciate your guidance! :)

    • Wolverine

      It is same for iOS 4.3.1 and iOS 4.3. Make sure you are using iBooty particular for your iDevice. The .DFU file used by iBooty is unique for every iDevice.