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Apple Introduced Pentalobular Screws to iPhone 4 to Protect Internal Hardware From Hackers

iFixIt is reporting that Apple is trying to protect the internal hardware of iPhone 4, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with a new tamper-resistant screw called 'Pentalobular' which is nearly impossible to open with a normal screwdriver. There is no single reputable supplier that sells the screwdriver which could actually open these Pentalobe screws without damaging the device.

Pentalobe Screws
As shown in the above picture, Pentalobular screws have different shape than the standard Trox screw and its types i-e Torx Security and Torx Plus. For those who don't know, Apple first introduced Pentalobular screws in MacBook Pro (2009) to discourage people from getting its battery replaced. In 2010, these screws were used in the lower case of MacBook Air to prevent access to its internals and now Apple have started to use these these screws in all new iPhone 4 units. Its quite obvious that Apple will be using these screws in all units of iPhone 5 and iPad 2 as well.
iPhone and MacBook Screws
Another aim of Apple in using Pentalobular screws on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad units is to stop all iPhone hackers from viewing the internal chipset details which help them in jailbreaking these devices.

Update: iFixIt has released the standard 'iPhone 4 Liberation Kit' which includes a Pentalobe driver, 2 replacement Phillips screws and a regular #00 Phillips screwdriver. This kit can be used to open all those iPhone 4 units which are protected by Pentalobular screws. You can buy this kit for U.S. $9.95 from here.

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