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Add Custom Boot Logos to iPhone 4, 3GS & iPod Touch 4G [How-To Guide]

This tutorial will guide you on how you can add animated or static boot logos on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G jailbroken on iOS 4.2.1 with GreenPois0n tool. If you haven't jailbroken iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can follow our step-by-step guide here for Windows and here for Mac OS X. Once you are done with jailbreaking part, follow the guide below to add custom animated or static boot logos to your device.

Steps to Add Custom Boot Logos to iPhone 4, 3GS & iPod Touch 4G:

  1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.
  2. Go to the 'Search' tab and type 'Apple Boot Logo' in the search field.
  3. Apple Boot Logo in Cydia

  4. Tap to install this app on your iDevice. Once installed, you will not see any app icon on your spring board.
  5. Install Apple Boot Logo from Cydia

  6. Go to 'Settings' and you will see the 'BootLogo' menu at the bottom as shown in the screenshot below:
  7. BootLogo in Settings

  8. Open the 'BootLogo' menu and you will see the 'Apple Logo' and 'Chronic Dev' logo options under the 'Built in' menu. Under 'Extras' menu, you will see those logos which i added manually through Cydia or via SSH.
  9. Installed Boot Logos

  10. To add custom boot logos to your iPhone or iPod Touch, go to Cydia again and type 'BootLogo' in search bar to find different boot logos available. Just install them, select from the 'BootLogo' menu in settings and reboot your device to see the custom boot logo.
  11. Now if you want to add your own picture or any other animation as a boot logo, you need to SSH into your device using WinSCP (Windows) or CyberDuck (Mac).
  12. If you don't have a Wifi router in your home, then you can't SSH into your device. As a workaround, you can use DiskAid or iPhone Explorer. I will recommend you to use iPhone Explorer as its a free software, support all iPhone models and all iOS versions.
  13. In order to set a custom boot logo on your iPhone, you must use a correct resolution PNG image. For iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G, you must use a PNG image with 640x960 resolution and for iPhone 3G, you must use a PNG image with 320x480 resolution.
  14. Create a new folder on your desktop. Rename it to the name of boot logo you want to appear in the 'BootLogo' menu.
  15. Select a PNG image with correct resolution as described in step 9 and rename it to 0 (Zero). Note that if you want to create an animated boot logo, you must have a series of PNG images with names (0.PNG, 1.PNG, 2.PNG, 3.PNG...), each image representing one transition in animation. But for a static boot logo, you can use only one PNG image with name 0.PNG.
  16. Move the 0.PNG file in the folder you created in step 10 for static boot logo. If animated, move all PNG images to this folder.
  17. Open iPhone Explorer and navigate to Library->Boot Logos. Copy or drag the folder to 'Boot Logos' directory in iPhone Explorer as shown in the screenshot below:
  18. iPhone Explorer Boot Logo

  19. Once done, go to the 'BootLogo' menu in 'Settings' and choose your own custom boot logo. To test, reboot your device.

Video Tutorial:

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    josh9 years, 10 months ago

    how do u create your own bootlogo and then put it on your ipod touch 4.3.3 please help