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Shazam – Best Music Recognition App for iPhone & iPod Touch

Shazam is undoubtedly one of the must have apps for iPhone and iPod Touch. It's a song recognition app which works flawlessly! Whenever you are listening a song on car radio, computer or television and you are unable to identify it then Shazam is the app you are looking for.

Shazam - Best Music Recognition App

It listens to a song for about 30 seconds, sends the music sample to Shazam database to identify the song and then displays singer, song and album information. It also gives quick links to buy the song from iTunes and Amazon Music Store plus you can also view related YouTube videos. Shazam database contains audio fingerprints of about 5 million songs, so there is always a high probability for a positive ID.

You can download the free and premium version of Shazam from Apple App Store. Using the app is fairly simple, after installation just open the app and it will take you to the Tagging section. Touch the screen to start the song recognition process, once the song has been identified, it will save the tag with time and date. The app also displays USA Top Chart information.

Shazam - Best Music Recognition App

Shazam - Best Music Recognition App

I've personally tried the app and it works works exactly as advertised, so give it a try on your iPhone/iPod Touch as well. One more thing, Shazam is not available in all countries so if you are unable to find Shazam in App Store then it's probably not available in your country. [via Shazam]

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    Tomaz7 years, 6 months ago

    Shazam does limit you to 5 per month.

    alx7 years, 7 months ago

    And how about SoundHound? It’s faster and more accurate than Shazam.
    Try it;)

      Wolverine7 years, 7 months ago

      Shazam don’t limit your searches per month :P SoundHoundBy only allows you to do 5 free searches per month.