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How to Disable Google Latitude Service on Android Phone?

Google Latitude service allows you to share your current location with your friends based on information from GPS and cell towers. Though it is a very useful service but at the same time, Google Latitude can also kill the battery of your Android phone as it constantly shares your location as a background process. If you want to completely shutdown the Google Latitude service, follow the step-by-step guide below:

Steps to Turn Off Google Latitude Service on Android Phone:

  1. Open official Google Maps app on your Android phone
  2. Press the Menu button and click on Latitude button
  3. Click Menu and Select Latitude

  4. Now again press the Menu button and click on Privacy button
  5. Click Privacy Button

  6. Thats it! Now you can choose the option you want. Either you can set your location manually, hide your location or you can completely turn off the Google latitude service as shown in the screenshot below:
  7. Choose Turn off Latitude

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    jake9 years ago

    doesn’t work with the newest ICS OS…