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Track iPhone Calls, Contacts, GPS Location, Email, SMS, Photos, Websites with Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is the world's first commercial spying service for iPhone which allows you to track calls, messages, GPS location, emails, photos and websites opened by any iPhone with Mobile Spy app installed on it. Once Mobile Spy app is installed on a specified iPhone, it will track down all the activities on that device and will upload all the data to your private Mobile Spy account.

Mobile Spy iPhone App
SMS Logs iPhone Mobile Spy App
When you will install this app, it will not create any Mobile Spy icon on your SpringBorad as the app will run in background and will start spying on the user activities without his knowledge. Mobile Spy also tracks your GPS locations every 30 mins when signal is available.

You can purchase Mobile Spy app from their official website but before purchasing, do checkout their free online demo here. You can find step-by-step guide to install Mobile Spy app on your jailbroken iPhone 3GS/3G from here.

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