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Skyfire Browser Brings Flash to iOS Devices!

Skyfire web browser for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has been approved by App Store and available for download now. We all know that Apple doesn't allow Flash content on its any iDevice, so why Skyfire is approved? Skyfire basically lets you play Flash videos on your iDevice by first covering them to HTML5 with Skyfire dedicated servers and then sends the HTML5 content to end users.

Skyfire for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

With Skyfire you can now play Flash videos from almost all websites out there, excluding few major ones like "Hulu" as they have a dedicated app (Hulu Plus) with $10 subscription per month.

Following are Skyfire features:

  • Adaptive streaming technology ensures optimal utilization of network and processor bandwidth which preserves the battery life.
  • Support for social platform including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Responsive and user friendly GUI for easy browsing experience.
  • Load full desktop webpages on your mobile device.
  • Multi-tab browsing - You can open up to eight windows and browse simultaneously.

Have a look at Skyfire 2.0 press demo video:

Skyfire can be downloaded from App Store for $2.99. Tap here for iTunes direct link.

[Update X1] Skyfire app received an unbelievable enthusiasm and response. Within 5 hours, Skyfire for iPhone became the top grossing app in App Store! Skyfire's official website states that the app is effectively sold out and they will temporarily not accept new purchases from the App Store. It's little hard to absorb how an app can be digitally sold out. It seems that they had limited no. of licenses and they are finished with their initial stock. Skyfire developers are working hard to to increase the capacity, hopefully they will start accepting new purchases from the App Store soon. Stay tuned!

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