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Set Password on Messages, Emails & Apps on Android

Android protector is a handy app which allows you to password protect individual apps on Android phones. You won't have any issues in letting your friends to use your Andoird device without them getting into your personal data. They won't be able to read your messages or emails without the password.

Android Protector App
Protector is a simple Android application which secures the selected applications on your device with a PIN code. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to install and use Protector app.

  1. Go to Android Market, search for Protector app and install it. You can also use QR code give below to directly install the app on your Android device using BarCode Scanner app.
  2. Android Protector App QR Code

  3. Once installed, launch the app, it will ask to enter the password. Default password is 0000, you can change the default password by navigating to Unlock Method under Password tab.
  4. To password protect any application, simply add it in Apps tab.
  5. You can turn ON and OFF the password protection from notification bar, so you can lock your applications only when you want them locked.

There is a free and premium version of app available in Android Market. Free version allows you to lock up to 10 applications and with premium version you can lock unlimited applications. Premium version will cost you $0.99. [via lifehacker]

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