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Limesn0w will Unlock iOS 4.1, 4.2 (05.14.02, 2.10.04, 05.15.01) Basebands? [Update: 2x]

While Sherif Hashim managed to crash the new iOS 4.1 basebands (05.14.02, 2.10.04), someone over Twitter shared a video in which he unlocked the iOS 4.2 baseband (05.15.01) on his iPhone 3GS using Limesn0w.

Limesn0w screenshot shared by @_keps:

Limesn0w Unlock
TwitVid of iOS 4.2 05.15.01 baseband unlock on iPhone 3GS using Limesn0w:

As you can see from the above video, the way he installed Limesn0w through Limrea1n is exactly similar to blacksn0w installation using blackra1n. We are not sure whether this video is fake or not but the whois records of and are same as the registrant of both of these website is Geohot himself. Stay tuned while we update you about the legitimacy of this video.

Update1: Vincent (@Veeence), the admin of iPhone Wiki confirmed that this video is fake and it is very easy to make such videos. Moreover the carrier unlocked in video is T-Mobile A, which means its made by someone in Austria.

Limesn0w Unlock Fake

Update2: Geohot himself confirmed at that Limesn0w will never exist.

This will never be real. Media, understand it. ~geohot.

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