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How to Save iOS 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.2 SHSH Blobs of with TinyUmbrella on Windows, Mac & Linux?

The Firmware Umbrella team has released the new version of TinyUmbrella (v4.1.8) which not only allows you to save ECID SHSH blobs to Cydia or locally on your hard disk but also allows you to kick your device out of recovery mode (like Recboot) as its separate feature.

For those who don't know: SHSH blobs is basically a signature to a firmware for your specific device. You cannot use the SHSH blobs of some other device as every device has its own SHSH blobs signed to the ECID of that device. Now you also need to save SHSH blobs for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G as well. Why? The reason is explained here.
TinyUmbrella SHSH Blobs
The following step-by-step guide will explain you how you can use TinyUmbrella to save iOS 4.0, iOS 4.0.1, iOS 4.0.2, iOS 4.1, iOS 4.2 & iOS 3.2.2 SHSH blobs of iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, 2G, Apple TV and iPad.

Steps to Save iOS 4.0/4.0.1/4.0.2/4.1/4.2 SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella:

  1. Download TinyUmbrella for Windows, Mac and Linux. (Find download links at the end of post)
  2. Plugin your device to your PC with the USB cable and launch TinyUmbrella software.
  3. TinyUmbrella - Save Your SHSH

  4. You can see list of devices connected to your PC on the side panel of TinyUmbrella.
  5. TinyUmbrella - Save Your SHSH

  6. Select your device from the side panel and click on the Save SHSH button. Wait while TinyUmbrella saves your SHSH blobs. Once your SHSH blobs are saved, you can see them under Saved SHSHs for <Your-Name>'s iPhone panel.
  7. TinyUmbrella - Save Your SHSH

Thats it! Now you can downgrade from your current iOS version to any older iOS version whose SHSH blobs are already saved. It hardly take 2-3 mins to save SHSH blobs of your device plus you don't need a jailbroken device to use TinyUmbrella. So to be on the safe side, it is always recommended to save your SHSH blobs. [via TheFirmwareUmbrella Blog]

Video Tutorial:

Download TinyUmbrella for Windows
Download TinyUmbrella for Mac OS X
Download TinyUmbrella for Linux

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