How To Remove Stock Android 2.2 Apps Easily

Removing stock apps like Amazon MP3, Google Goggles, Voice Dialer and Car Home from your Android phone not only saves you more RAM but also increases your battery life. All you need is the rooted Android phone with Terminal Emulator installed on it. Follow the step-by-step guide below to delete stock apps you don’t use from your rooted Android device.

Steps To Remove Stock Apps From Android 2.2 Easily

  1. Open Market app on your Android phone, search and install “Terminal Emulator” app.
  2. Terminal Emulator

  3. Once installed, open “Terminal Emulator” app and type the following commands.
  4. su

    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3 /system

  5. Now use the command below to see all system apps installed on your Android device.
  6. ls /system/app

    Terminal Emulator Stock Apps

  7. To remove a particular app, use the following command:
  8. rm /system/app/

  9. To remove Amazon MP3 app, use the following command:
  10. rm /system/app/

  11. To remove Google Goggles app, use the following command:
  12. rm /system/app/GoogleGoggles.apk

  13. To remove Voice Dialer app, use the following command:
  14. rm /system/app/VoiceDialer.apk

    rm /system/app/VoiceDialer.odex

  15. To remove Google Voice app, use the following command:
  16. rm /system/app/googlevoice.apk

  17. To remove Email app, use the following command:
  18. rm /system/app/EmailGoogle.apk

    rm /system/app/EmailGoogle.odex

  19. Use the following command to make the apps directory again read-only:
  20. mount -o remount,ro /dev/mtdblock3 /system

Terminal Emulator Stock Apps Removal
I have tested all of the above commands on my Google Nexus One, rooted on Android 2.2 (Froyo). If you face any difficulty in following the above procedure, do mention it in comments below.

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    r u confident that is correct?

  • Paco

    make sure you’re copying the exact name listed when using the “ls” command, as the “rm” command is CASE SENSITIVE! :P

  • marcus

    How do i change from read only to read write. I use mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3/system. Butit keeps saying read only.

  • benstone326

    First of all you have to ROOT your phone. It’s a simply move.Downolad the SuperOneClick application to your computer.In your phone settings, you have to go into Settings > Applications > Develope > USB debugging and check the box. Connect your phone to the computer.Press ROOT in SuperOneClick.There’s some command line what running down.At the end the program ask you to install the BusyBox or what… YES.And the app will finish some stuff, and that’s all!To unroot your phone there’s another button named UNROOT.It’s good if you want to bring back your phone to the service ;)Hope I could help!PS:If you want to delete your stock apps, download the TITANIUM BACKUP app from the market. There’s an option to delete the stock stuffs, but still need the ROOT and the SUPERUSER app.

  • shingi

    Hello, This is the second source that I have looked at for instructions on how to remove stock apps. Everything worked perfectly fine until the last command line argument. When I try to make the directory read-only it gives me an error:mount: Device or resource busyHow do I combat this? I am unfamiliar with the android libraries and instruction sets. As a side note is there any database of what apk files actually correlate to? Most of the filenames are self explanatory, but I don’t know what some of the files are and I can’t locate the files for certain apps I wish to remove.Help would be greatly appreciated,Shingi

  • jenna

    This looks scary, I don’t want to fuck up my phone but I really don’t want those extra stupid apps I don’t use!!! I wish it was eaiser :(

  • D Mitch

    this was very helpful, thank you sir.

  • Omar

    I’m using Terminal Emulator…I list all the apps in my phone but when I follow the instructions to remove them it keeps showing me the : “not found” message. The apps are listed! Why? Thank you!

  • benstone326

    Working extremly well! I was searching for a long time! It’s awesome man!

  • Cclarkris

    The su command doesn’t work on my LG p930 android version 2.3.5

  • Taconumber_nine

    Wont lwt me delete any apps with an I in it ,it automatically capitalizes the I and then when I enter it says file is not found help pleas?

  • Ohio State

    rm failed for /, is a directory? what does this mean

  • Ann Boen

    Allright finally I got rid of that stupid Car Home thingie! Thank you! Working superb!

  • Amol Khanolkar

    every time received the error message as

    rm failed for  /system/app/abc.apk, read only file system

    abc here is the application name

    please help me out, need to remove the app

  • Rambaru

    i tiped “su” but 
    I keep getting “Permission Denied”. what is wrong?

    • An Awesome Guy

      You Don’t have Root, Try Z4Root to get root and make sure you select “Permanent Root”, and also Check if You Allowed Terminal Emulator to Access root, to do the same, open app name SuperUser (Available after Root), Search for the name, and see if it has a Green Dot(Allowed) or Red(Not Allowed), If you Cant find it that means no entry added, Start Terminal and click Allow on SuperUser Prompt.

  • Smb1118

    I am doing research on twitter and for that i need to install its official version on my Android emulator 2.2

    I have installed emulator + Android Market but twitter official version is not listed in the market list and i also try to download through web site but it does not work?
    Kindly let me know how can i install twitter official version provided by Android?


  • ton

    I’m trying to remove gmail app, and after doing all the precess it reads:
    rm failed for  /system/app/gmail.apk, read only file system, can any one help with this, when I open the terminal I type su and I got the # symbol, so the phone is rooted, what I can do?

  • somnath

    I try to do uninstall the system app and get success to uninstall the app but then i remove the chahe and then do the factory reset that why my phone get death so how to requver my android 2.2 phone

    Samsung Galaxy Pro 2.2

    if any type of help please send on my email address

  • metator

    I don’t know about version 2.2, but my phone (LG GT540) has 2.1 installed and the mount command mentioned on step 2 is not correct (at least for my version and i haven’t tried step 10 yet).

    It should be: mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

    Other than that, the hardest part was really getting the ‘su’ command to work. I had to install Z4Root to allow the terminal emulator to execute it successfully. Nevertheless, i would like to thank for this How-to.


  • nonereally

    I keep getting “Permission Denied” I’ve tried everything & it’s just not working

    HTC Desire

    • AbrahamGonzalez


      if you get ¨permission denied¨ it meand your device is still rooted, your device must be rooted to perform this task

  • drdatavault

    Excellent! thank you because my 100.00 chinese dual sim android phone came with a bunch of apps that I could not understand :)

  • Chicken

    @Pedro, in order to use the command SU (SuperUser, or something like that) you must have your phone rooted. SU accesses the account on wich root commands can be executed.

  • pedro

    Noob question sorry.
    Running 2.2 on moto defy. trying to remove the pile of over elaborate apps that Motorola and T-mobile have locked on to it.
    I Type su and get a permission denied error. Can you advise or do i need to root the phone?

  • Shahid

    Tried this method on “Samsung galaxy 3 i5801” but the applications are still functional after removing their respective .apk files

  • Leo

    Share what app (list) that will not mess phone

  • Chicken

    You would have to look for an app called SNS (for LG GT540GO, maybe more)

  • Katie

    I have a stock app which name has a bracket on it () this symbol
    How can I remove it?

  • nick

    Well I have figured out how to remove fbook and twitter …..
    they can not be removed separately. They tied into something called SNS. It is 100% safe to remove sns. This will eliminate both apps simultaneously.

  • anaB

    ive been trying to do this on my HTC SENSATION 4G and its not working or im doing something wrong..pls HELP =( i desperately need this stupid VOICE DIALER OFF MY PHONE, and if i could deactivate the screenshots that happen on its own o_O


    thanksssss :)

  • nick

    Thanks. I tried it but it seems no matter what command I use, both twitter and facebook come back as read-only

  • bob

    put a \ infront of the space

    if the app is called “some app.apk”

    rm system/app/some\ app.apk

  • nick

    Works except find how to to rid myself of those pesky Facebook and twitter apps

  • kb

    Its telling me its a read only system? Anyone know what that means?

  • Mike

    I RECOMMEND THAT YOU RENAME these files, not delete them. Either way – it works on my Motorola Droid 3, Verizon USA, Android 2.3.4, Verizon update 5.6.890.XT862.Verizon.en.US

  • samudra

    after instaling when i write command su then it gave me access denied…
    what should i do???

  • Onewayoflife

    I’m getting ‘Operation not permitted’

    Help please!

  • Raul Morales

    wow !! awsome it worked for me,HTC Sensation

  • Jon

    I get something that says rm failed, directory not empty…

  • Jerrod

    The list of apps appeared but the ones I want to get rid of have blank spaces in the name and when you type the name in the command line, the line not found comes up. Do you know how to get those missing characters? or is there another way to do this? Also if you know of a mod for the motorola citrius, I would wipe the phone and use it. I hate this phone so bad.

  • Rakesh Moral

    thanks bro
    You have saved my lots of time searching here and there for solutions

    very good solution
    Thanks again

  • Nestor

    This tutorial’s great, thanks a lot man, it worked really well on my LG P350F =)

  • Dennis

    Please tell me step by step how you were able to do this?

  • med11043

    Yes, thank you, I ended up figuring it out…my phone was not actually rooted like I thought I had done to it, but I have since rooted it and now I can see the button…thanks

  • JD

    It is “ROOT Explorer” that your using and not just “explorer” correct? Cause the same thing happened to me.

  • med11043

    I’m hoping someone can help me, I have downloaded both the superuser and Root Explorer app’s and installed them, I them opened both, however I don’t get any popup as suggested saying that Root Explorer wants superuser rights and when I go into Root Explorer, the button to push to change it to R/W mode is not visible anywhere???

  • JD

    hey I got it! Awesome thread! I was using the free explorer instead of “Root Explorer” wow what a difference. So much easier and IT WORKS! Now to find out what is safe uninstall or rsther to “Move” to my deleted folder on my “_external sdcard” so if I screw up I can put it back. Does anyone know where I might find a list of safe stock apps to uninstall from the LG REVOLUTION ?

  • JD

    I have a successfully rooted LG Revolution with busybox and superuser installed. I can use mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3 /system on the terminal emulator I downloaded just fine to change to rw permissions, However, EVERYTIME I delete something or even rename it, it just comes right back. What is going on?? Any help Pls???

  • Twidgit

    I downloaded Terminal Emulator but when I type the first few commands above it says I do not have premission. Same with the Remove it says files are read only. How do I get permission?

  • JDWired

    Thank you GOD! I have been trying to remove these for days and came across this and bookmarked it. Worked flawlessly!

    Thank you.

  • Shivam123

    Hey bro, it is working very well on my samsung galaxy s5830 ace,
    Thanks for your guidelines But….
    can you please complete the end of coding for me for removing read only apps such as Internet, Google search, FM Radio etc.
    As I am not getting extension to put on the end……. ,com, .apk etc…… Not getting what to put at the end……
    Please help!

    Hey, can I remove my default or factory samsung home app and replace it with spb shell 3d ;-)
    Reply asap……

  • natalia Moore

    I couldn’t get past step # 3 because when I type in the command it keeps saying is: not found. It also initially denied me access in super user permissions. However, I do have the app on my phone so that means I must be rooted right? I’m sorry I’m raving its just that I have a new HTC aria and I am dying to get rid of this bloatware because I don’t use any of it and I don’t want to pay for the data and space that it occupies. However I did go through the rooting process from unrevoked and I do have the Superuser permissions app on my phone, I haven’t installed any updates or flashed any roms. so can someone please tell me how to delete these stock apps. Any help at all would be greatly appreciate. P.S. you have to take it slow with me and explain everything because I AM SO NOT A TECHIE!

  • Nicolas

    For uninstall an app of the emulator is a little tricky.

    This is my procedure for DeskClcok.apk (the clock app)

    adb remount
    adb pull /system/app/DeskClock.apk
    adb push DeskClock.apk /system/app
    adb -e uninstall
    rm DeskClock.apk

    only after pull and push I’m able to uninstall the app, before that said “Failure”

  • Nathan

    Thanks for the guide, now i have finally managed to get rid of the annoying google apps i dont use but keep popping up, and as a bonus i got myself a cool linux terminal..

  • dee

    how do you uninstall stock apps from the metro pcs huawei ascend like “metro navigation” or “easy wifi”

    • DanielJackson

      omg..drop those sob’s-MetroPCS
      they lie about services and what they charge for, so much that you can catch them in their own lies.

      switch to Boost, more stuff…better service,better phones,affordable prices..

  • DanielJackson

    Galaxy Prevail v2.2.2
    provider: Boost (Sprint)

    That auto root tool was nice (Androot v1.6.1), but since my version isnt supported, is there a newer version? or another way to get this phone rooted and remove those crappy apps.

    ive got installed:
    Terminal Emu
    root explorer
    universal android root (Androot 1.6.1) which ill remove.

    this is a recent phone a little over a month old on the market.

  • Short Fuze

    Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post all this info. Really glad to have apps such as footprints, city I’d, and etc. Finally gone. You rock!

    • Pramod

      Glad to know it worked for you. Cheers !! :D

  • Mishel

    thanks alot it works for me

    • Jaxov

      Enjoy ;-)

  • Nick

    Hey..I just rooted my Inspire 4g using

    Installed your terminal emulator…and when I type su, it still says access denied. The root was successful, but I can’t make it work…any ideas?

  • nick

    with root explorer method:
    when i delete an apk do i have to delete the .odex file that goes along with the app or just the apk?

    • Wolverine

      You can delete that .odex file safely. I never had an issue after deleting that .odex file.

      • nick

        aight thanx man, i have the t mobile G2 and i want to delete photobucket that came pre installed, i’ve tried the root explorer and titanium backup methods but non have worked so far? any help?

  • M.S

    Do you need s-ff for this to work?
    Using HTC desire CM7. Tried root explorer, it says app deleted but the app is still there and.
    used terminal emulator too, both dont work..

  • m0rtadelo

    If you use this method, you can’t type faster with android keyboard.
    I have this sh script to switch “ro” and “rw” filesystem only with one command.

    This steps only one time
    1) You need to copy the file, example /data/scr/
    2) You need to assign perms: chmod 777 /data/scr/

    Use of script:
    1) Open “Terminal Emulator”
    2) type su (only root phones)
    3) remount rw by typing: sh /data/scr/
    4) remove apps: rm /system/app/appname.apk
    5) remount ro by typing: sh /data/scr/

    The script detect actual filesystem and switch between read-only and read-write.

    echo Checking: /system filesystem …
    mount | grep /system > /tmp/rfm_check.txt
    ro=$(grep “(ro,” /tmp/rfm_check.txt | wc -l)
    ro=$(grep “(ro,” /tmp/rfm_check.txt | wc -l)
    rw=$(grep “(rw,” /tmp/rfm_check.txt | wc -l)
    if [ “$ro” = “1” ]; then
    echo Checking: /system is READ-ONLY
    echo mounting read-write filesystem…
    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    if [ “$rw” = “1” ]; then
    echo Checking: /system is READ-WRITE
    echo mounting read-only filesystem…
    mount -o remount,ro /dev/mtdblock3 /system

  • moka san

    Hey I have a HTC inspire I installed the terminal emulator but when I enter rm /system/app/VoiceDialer.apk it says failed because its on a read only the voice dialer keeps.popping up
    When I’m listing to music can u help me out with this… and I can’t install the root explorer when I try downloading it from the link it says It blocks any apps.that are not from the market place and I can’t change to option.

  • Mohan Singh

    Hi Wolverine !

    First of all I want to say thanks to you, because your method helped me out.
    Could you please help me in 1 more thing? I would be grateful to you.

    I want to copy few fonts from SD Card to the phone’s system/fonts directory.
    Can you please give me method to do it?

    • Wolverine

      Use Root Explorer app. It lets you to copy, cut and move files between your filesystem.

  • El Pablo

    Dude! Simple, just the way everyone likes it. Removed the Google Books app from the Cyanogen’s 7.0.2 Android 2.3.3 on my G2. Thank you very much for this tutorial, I’ll bookmark it for later.

  • Ajitesh

    Guys anyone having problems with the rooting or getting superuser permissions, for a rooted phone to properly work universal androot and superuser are not the only thing, you have to have busy box as well i was in the same mess till i found out to install busy box and eveything working fine after that all the superuser rights and everything. the phone is perfectly rooted and editable even copy pasting of files inside of data folder in internal memory and copy pasting files is possible, i did it on my android after that everything is trouble free, Cheers all that hard effort to find out i guess of all you guys finally pays off in this post of mine so chill install busybix and enjoy.
    Worked fine on my android dont know about yours havent heard of a problem with it and its free!!!

  • Nightmare

    If your having trouble deleting with Root Explorer goto /System/App/ and find the app, before you delete it click the little button that says “Mount ???” (forgot what the second thing after mount is) and once you click that, click and hold the app and click delete. Simple.

  • silver6054

    Just a quick question, why are you deleting the apps rather than renaming them to .bak etc (like Titanium Backup “freezing”). If you delete a) you may make a mistake and remove something you want/need, and b) OTA updates won’t work. Is there a real advantage apart from the small amount of disk space?

  • Laura

    I am using terminal Emulator. Even tho I typed command as instructed, some apps wont go. It says they do not exist. Others have removed easily. Amazon wants to stay put as does facebook. My spce left without a whimper.
    I also have Root explorer but know I need to make the file names read so I can recognize what they are. For instance I have a bunck of VZW files and am afraid to delete them
    Same on Terminal Emulator, some files are not worded in a recognizable way?

    • Laura

      I was trying to find the name of the Thinkfree app in the file system as I know this is a large program and I do not use it. Help anyone?

  • mike

    but still it doesn’t work.

    p.s. my phone is not rooted and failed to root.

  • tori

    hi, how do i root my phone
    i’m new at this kind of stuff!

  • Toni

    about the mount command: the block device may change (from phone model to phone model)
    A quick way is to use only the mountpoint:
    Change the mount command in
    mount -o remount,rw /system
    mount -o remount,ro /system

  • Mike

    I tried on my LG Star, but it doesn’t work. The problem is that whenever I type su, it says ‘su: uid 10109 not allowed to su’ what do I do?

  • Zuppo

    Awesome. works like a charm. thanks so much. no more annoying apps taking up ram

  • Simon

    When i write the first command “su” I get Permission denied…

    • Zuppo

      your phone needs to be rooted with superuser. su enables administrative privileges

  • Maxkento

    Here a tips on how i used to do if i want to remove the stock app.
    When your using Root Explorer just backup the whole /system/app to /sdcard or other folder that you can access next time you want to use the app.
    Here you can install the app again.

  • Dennis

    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3 /system
    Can you explain this command to me ?

    • Zuppo

      it turns off the read-only permission giving you the ability to remove system files. :)

  • jon

    stock app means installer? meaning you are just deleting the .apk file or the installer not uninstalling the app? please clarify.

    • Wolverine

      Stock apps means the apps that were pre-installed on your phone when you turned on your phone for the very first time after buying it. These apps include Gmail, Twitter, Facebook apps etc

  • jon

    hi wolverine, .apk is the apps installer right? removing the .apk is uninstalling the apps and installer?

    • Wolverine

      No, APK is the extension for apps only. It can be either a stock app or it can be any market app!

      • jon

        thanks for the quick reply. I’m using LG Optimus One (Rooted) and I want to uninstall stock apps in it, can I recover them via hard reset? I don’t want to loose the warranty of the phone

        • Wolverine

          No, you will not recover the apps by hard reset. As far as loosing warranty is concerned, since you have rooted your phone, it actually voided your warranty. It now depends on how you rooted your phone, if its soft-root, you can un-root your device and then it’ll be again valid for claiming warranty.

  • jon

    why some apps has .odex? what is that for?

    • Wolverine

      In Android file system, applications come in packages with the extension .apk. These application packages, or APKs contain certain .odex files whose supposed function is to save space. These ‘odex’ files are actually collections of parts of an application that are optimized before booting. Doing so speeds up the boot process, as it preloads part of an application.

  • John

    Using Terminal Explorer
    Device Rooted
    Super user permissions set
    Running this command:
    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3 /system

    I get “mount: mounting /dev/block/mtdblk3 on /system failed: Invalid argument

  • marten

    This problem was posted on oct 25th:

    When I follow this guide everything works fine till I type in rm /system/app/Twitter.apk I get the message ‘can’t remove ‘/system/app/Twitter.apk’ : Directory not empty’ When I try using rm -r /system/app/Twitter.apk I get the same error.

    I am still having this problem, same errors. Also, my HTC Desire rebooted automaticly after I did not type anything for a minute or so. Normal?

  • MMcL

    i noticed that mounting the file system as rw has /dev/block/mtdblk3, and remounting it again as ro has /dev/mtdblock3. is there a reason for the difference?

  • Gjjh25

    Hi I am having trouble typing this in correct

    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3 /system

    is that an o or zero after mount, I am alos not sure where there are spaces or not could you show the spaces by an under score please?

    • Wolverine

      Its an o (not zero)
      Replace _ with a space below:


  • Sal Abdin

    Hi thanks for all your help.

    I am deleting apps with Root Explorer, pressing the RW button and exiting but all deleted apps are still there. Even after reboot etc.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks again.

    • Wolverine

      I would recommend you to use “Terminal Emulator” instead.

      • maxlee

        my htc dhd was rooted (temp rooted), using the Terminal Emulator successfully removed the unwanted apps. But all the removed apps were restored back once i rebooted the phone, why? Any thing I missed out?


  • n00b

    Ive been reading over this site and i cannot figure out a way to remove my unwanted apps on my samsung moment android 2.2 phone. i downloaded terminal emulator, but after i typed ‘su’ it said not found. so i read some more and downloaded the androot, but that wont work since my phones already updated to the 2.2.1. not sure what my options are now? please help me root!

    • Zuppo

      i suggest u use z4root version 1.3 worked like a charm for me. rooted last night. lg ally version 2.1 update1

  • lhopki01

    I have a rooted htc desire with cyanogen installed. When I follow this guide everything works fine till I type in rm /system/app/Twitter.apk I get the message ‘can’t remove ‘/system/app/Twitter.apk’ : Directory not empty’ When I try using rm -r /system/app/Twitter.apk I get the same error.
    When I try and use Titanium backup to delete system apps it says it is succesful but the app is only removed from Titanium backup’s app list until the next boot and is never removed from the system.

      • lhopki01

        I’ve tried root explorer. It has the same effect as titanium backup. Twitter.apk disappears from /system/app/ but the application still runs and Twitter.apk is back as soon as I reboot the phone.

        • chuko

          Same here using MIUI_Au ROM

  • jorge alberto rios

    I recently got this awesome app called handscent SMS and I want it to be the only text message app but ye stock Google nexus one keeps popping out along with the new app every time I receive a message any chance u can help me plz send me a email or reply plz thank you

    • Wolverine

      You may turn your SMS notifications by navigating to Settings->Notifications->Notification ringtone/em> and select Silent from the list.

    • tori

      handcent doesnt work well, one day it sent a bunch of messages that i had already sent again and everyone i had talked to was confused and it made a big mess

  • Killer

    Hey first i must say thank you as doing this has cleared up my form all thoes annoying apps that i have never used. BUT in doing so i now can download any new apps from android market. After clicking the app i want to download it says “your item will be downloaded” but then the app sits in idle in the downloaded menu. I was very careful not to remove any important apps but looks like iv stuffed something up.

    Any idea on what I’v done wrong? Your help will be appreciated.

  • Treyz

    Maybe I’m just dumb, but it’s not giving me access when I type in su
    is there an exact way of getting around this?
    I’m using the Android Emulator shown above on at HTC Hero for Sprint.

    $ export PATH=/data/local/bin:$PATH
    su: permission denied

      • Treyz

        No go on that .. the rooting failed and it’s only Android 2.1 so it should have worked .. :/

  • Matt

    I installed root explorer and granted it super user permission, when i go into system>app> and select an app i want to delete, a window pops up and says “ cannot be deleted because the file system is read-only”

    • Wolverine

      Press the “Mount as R/W” button first.

      • Alejandro

        i did this but i cant just delete de factory apps same problem and touch the button and its chances when i go to apps folder… any other way to eliminate the “read only” thing

  • Sam

    I understand that if you use say Gmail, Google Navigation or other Google features on an Android phones, I’ve given Google a “track”, but say all I use my phone for is making phone calls, can Google track me. Is there any code in Android itself that lets them track users?

    • Wolverine

      Hahaha! Google won’t say anything to you for your rooted Android phone or will not penalize you for removing stock Android apps. But sure it can track you through your carrier IF your phone is stolen or used for some wrong purpose.

  • chuck

    I have an Evo and I want to remove Flicker but I cannot find it in the list. Anyone else be able to do ths? My battery life is horrible and I am hopeing ths helps.

  • Eddy

    I accidentally removed the “GoogleServiceFramework.apk” and the “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” then it makes the market doesnt work. Is there any chances to reinstall the two file as default apps??


    • Wolverine

      Search their APK from Google. Place APK in SD card, and change your SYSTEM folder permissions with ROOT EXPLORER app. Navigate to SD card through it and install APKs you downloaded. I deleted GTalk.apk and reinstalled successfully :)

  • vincent

    Every time i type su, it says denied. I had easy root on my phone during 2.1. after it updated OTA to 2.2 i cant get rid of the super user ap and non of the root aps work anymore. Anybody know a solution to this?

      • Bob

        Not the original asker of this question, but I had the same permission denied problem when entering su via terminal emulator on a Droid X with Verizon’s release of Android 2.2.1

        Still trying to figure out how to get rooted.

        • djames

          Haven’t had this problem personally but the z4root apk claims you can fix this by rooting your device and then unrooting the device. You then have to root it again and you should have your root back. I don’t have the link right now but I found him through youtube.

  • Bruno

    Hey, I want to remove the Voice Dialer from my rooted Motorola Cliq because every time I plug it into my car’s stereo the Voice Dialer pops up and stops the music, and sometimes it even dials to someone.

    I want to know if there’s a way to install Voice Dialer back again in case the music keeps stopping after I remove it.

    Sorry for may bad English. xD

    • Wolverine

      You can always re-install it afterwards. Download VoiceDialer.apk from here and install it whenever you need it.

      • Bruno

        Hey thanks man, I removed Voice Dialer from my phone and I finally could listen to my music without it popping up all the time and stopping the songs.

  • Mohan

    Hi, eventhough my phone is rooted, i could not access the SU permissions, once i try to access there is SU request with black and blank screen, nothing happenend root explorer also have same problem.

    • Wolverine

      Make sure Superuser Permissions is installed on your rooted android phone. When you will type SU in Terminal Emulator, Superuser Permissions will grant root access to it and you will be able to change permissions of the SYSTEM directory.

  • Magnus

    An even easier method is to install Root explorer, browse the /system/apps folder, longpress the app u want to remove, and select delete. Simple as that, and does exactly the same as the commands above, as all they do is to delete the same files by commandline instead of GUI.

    • Wolverine

      Thankyou. I was not able to find Root Explorer in Android market but i got it for FREE from

      Download “Root Explorer” for Android 2.2 (Froyo)

      • gt

        How do u download Root Explorer in HTC Desire (Foryo) and implement it/install it?


        • Wolverine

          Open the above 4Shared link from your stock Android browser and download the Root Explorer APK. Before you install it, make sure to check “Unknown sources” option in Settings->Applications.

      • Suzanne

        I’ve got root explorer installed, got to the system folder, found Amazon but it’s saying I can’t delete the the file system is read-only. Other than that, it was REALLY simple to delete.

    • Carey

      Thanks dude i was gonna switch to Ios if i could not get rid of goggles

    • sdkboy1028

      hey man i did what u said and it told me that apk cannot be deleted because it was on read only. what can i do? rooted mytouch 4g

      • Sukrit

        Just press on mount r/w at top right

      • Amer

        Your phone has to be rooted and you have to have the “Superuser” app. This app can be downloaded directly through your phone on the market. Once downloaded, open root explorer and it should bring up a menu saying that Root explorer is requesting superuser access. Allow the request and there should now be a switch at the top of the root explorer main menu to either make the files r/o (READ ONLY) or r/w (READ WRITE). Set it on r/w and it should allow you to delete the files in the /system/app menu when long pressing a file or app. Hope it helps :)