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How to Delete All Contacts From Android Phone?

Delete Contacts is a FREE app by United Mobile Apps Pvt Ltd which allows you to delete all of your contacts from your Android phone just with a single click. However the app does not work with Motorola CLIQ and Motorola Droid but works on all Android phones by HTC, Google Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy S.

To download the app, just go to "Market" on your Android powered phone and search for "Delete Contacts".

Delete Contacts Android
Once downloaded and installed. Open "Delete Contacts" app and tap on "Delete All Contacts" button. It will delete all contacts from your phone within seconds. Believe me, i deleted almost 800+ contacts with this app in just 4 seconds.

Delete Contacts Android

Delete Contacts comes very handy to those who want to sell their Android device and don't want to "Hard Reset" it to delete contacts saved in phone memory. Before deleting contacts with this app, i would recommend you to transfer your contacts to your SIM card with "Copy to SIM Card" app.

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