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How To Import Contacts From iPhone To Android Phone?

Ever wanted to switch from your iPhone to any Android powered smartphone? The first thing you'll need is to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your new Android cellphone. The easiest way to transfer contacts from your iPhone to Android based smartphone is through SIM card.

First transfer your contacts from your iPhone to SIM card memory through SIManager app. How to download and use SIManager app is explained in our step-by-step guide here. Once you are done with importing your iPhone contacts to SIM card, follow our step-by-step guide below to import them to your Android smartphone.

How to Import Contacts From SIM Card to Android Smartphone

  1. Insert SIM and turn ON your Android phone.
  2. If you want to delete all of your current contacts stored in your Android phone's memory, then use Delete Contacts app to delete them.
  3. Open Contacts app, click Menu button and tap on Import/Export button.
  4. Android Contacts Import

  5. Tap on Import from SIM card option to continue.
  6. Android Contacts Import

  7. Now your cellphone will read your contacts from SIM card and you will be asked to choose contacts you want to import from SIM memory to phone memory. To import all of the contacts, click Menu button and tap on Import all button.
  8. Android Contacts Import

  9. Thats it! Now your Android smartphone will start copying all of your contacts from your SIM card memory to phone's memory.
  10. Android Contacts Import
    If you face any kind of problem while following the above steps, please do mention in comments.

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