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Charge Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in Car Simultaneously with Multi-Port USB Car Charger

Now with Multi-Port USB Car Charger, you can charge upto 4 devices at the same time. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter and you are ready to charge your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and MP3 player at the same time. Not only Apple devices, you can almost charge all models of HTC, Blackberry and Nokia phones with it.

Official Features:

  • 4 sockets to connect 4 USB devices simultaneously
  • A cigarette lighter central device for connecting a fifth
  • 2000mA output power
  • Suitable for both cars than large cars (12V ~ 24V)


  • Input: 12 ~ 24VDC
  • Output 5.0 ~ 5.5V
  • Output Current: <=2000mA, sharing by all the 5 Ports
  • Output Power: <= 10W

Multi-Port USB Car Charger
Multi-Port USB Car Charger
Multi-Port USB Car Charger

Even when you are charging your devices, you can still use cigarette socket present in the middle of the charger to light up your cigarette. So its a 1 cigarette socket to 4 USB Ports with 1 cigarette socket still. Multi-Port USB Car Charger is available via USBFever official site here for US $17.99.

[via iPhoneItalia]

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