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How To Repair WordPress Database Through cPanel

If you are not able to update certain WordPress posts or if you are not able to delete the post revisions from your WordPress database then there is one solution to both of these issues. All you need is to repair your WordPress database through cPanel. The procedure to repair WordPress database is very simple, just follow the guidelines below to repair your WordPress database.

  1. Login into your website cPanel by visiting either or
  2. Once logged in, click on phpMyAdmin under the Database section.
  3. cPanel Databases

  4. Select your database from the sidebar and click on the Check All link.
  5. Select All Tables

  6. Now select the Repair table from the drop down list and phpMyAdmin will automatically repair your tables.
  7. Repair Table

  8. Thats it. Now you will be able to update and delete post revisions from your WP database and will not see errors like Incorrect key file for table... etc

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