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iOS 4.0 Slow Performance on iPhone 3G [Parody Video]

If you are an iPhone 3G owner and you have updated iOS 4.0 / iOS 4.0.1 on it, then you would be trying hard to make iOS 4 work well on your iPhone 3G. iOS 4 is by far showing poor and unsatisfactory performance on iPhone 3G. Apple support forums are already grilled by angry iPhone 3G users for numerous issue they are facing with iOS 4. Slow performance is the most common issue reported.

iPhone 3G iOS 4.0 Slow Speed

Here is a comedy video shared by TUAW showing an iPhone 3G experiencing various problems on iOS 4.

[via TUAW]

Above video clearly explain what's happening with iPhone 3G with iOS 4. I myself own an iPhone 3G and I faced numerous problems like slowness, apps crash, phone restarting, less battery backup, unresponsive controls etc after updating to iOS 4. Finally I had to downgrade my iPhone 3G to iOS 3.1.2 and it's working fine now.

Solutions / Remedies?

First of all, if you have an iPhone 3G and you are planning to update iOS 4 on it then please do yourself a favor and save the time you would be wasting to make iOS 4 perform well on your iPhone, by NOT updating iOS 4 on your iPhone 3G. Updating iOS 4 on iPhone 3G isn't really worthy! Only new features along with numerous minor improvements you get are Folders and Improved Mailbox. Multitasking as we all know is included in the package for iPhone 3G.

If you already have updated iOS 4 on your iPhone 3G then you may try few things before downgrading OS of your phone. Hard reset your iPhone 3G couple of times, turn all unnecessary settings off, uninstall unnecessary Cydia tweaks/apps. If you are still facing problems after trying these workarounds then proceed with following guides to downgrade firmware of your iPhone 3G.

Downgrade to OS 3.1.3 / OS 3.1.2

You may downgrade your iPhone 3G to OS 3.1.3 or OS 3.1.2, there isn't much difference other than few minor bug fixes in OS 3.1.3. I downgraded my iPhone 3G to OS 3.1.2. Step by step procedure for downgrading to OS 3.1.3 is given here, and here for OS 3.1.2.

Please share your opinions about iOS 4 performance on your iPhone 3G in comments section below.

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    Reza11 years ago

    I will go for HTC for my next mobile. I do not trust Apple anymore!

    Jon11 years ago

    Antenna-gate seems silly in comparison, no? Apple has rendered my iPhone 3G virtually useless! It’s supposed to make us more productive but with the hours of waiting for Safari to render and the hours I just spent downgrading to 3.1.3, the iOS4 has been a huge net loss for me. Needless to say, my purchase of another iPhone is not assured.