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First Screenshot of Spirit Jailbreak, Update: Fake!

FSM has just published the first screenshot of the famous upcoming Spirit Jailbreak by iPhone-Dev Team. We are not sure whether the screenshot is original or its a fake as FSM has not provided any source of the image from where they got it. For those who don't know: Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for all iDevices with latest firmwares (iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPad OS 3.2). Its a jailbreaking tool like blackra1n which will only jailbreak iDevices, it won't be able to unlock any iDevice at all. Geohot also commended Spirit and asked his followers to keep an eye on the Spirit jailbreak, which confirms that Spirit jailbreak is real.

Spirit Jailbreak Screenshot
Update 1: Comex has just tweeted that the screenshot FSM has published is completely fake. Spirit UI is far better than the above screenshot. Here is his tweet:
Comex Tweet
Update 2: Chpwn who is a member of iPhone-Dev Team and is developing the GUI of Spirit tool also confirmed that the screenshot posted by FSM is 100% fake.
Chpwn Tweet
First it was Thunderst0rm and then Limra1n and now this fake screenshot by FSM. We at Jaxov strongly discourage such false rumors and news. [via FunkySpaceMonkey]

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