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FIFA World Cup 2010 Live Score Card In Google Chrome

FIFA World Cup 2010 will be hosted at South Africa wef 11 June 2010 to 11 July 2010. If you want to keep track of live scores, teams and match schedules then "Ultimate Football Results" is a must install Google Chrome extension for you. This extension basically fetch all latest soccer news from BBC Sport website and provides you with a well organized score card right within your browser.

Not only FIFA World Cup 2010, this extension provides you details on all leagues including Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Spainish Liga BBVA and knockout cups like FA Cup, Scottish Cup and Carling Cup.
League Results
FIFA World Cup 2010
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How To Install "Ultimate Football Results" Extension:

  1. Download Google Chrome for Windows, Linux and Mac
  2. Go to the official extension page and hit INSTALL button. First you will be asked to save the file and once download is complete, you will be prompted to install the extension automatically.
  3. Thats it! After installation, you will see football icon beside the Tool Menu. Click on the icon and wait until extension grabs the updated results from BBC Sport website.
  4. Once loaded, you will be presented with the live score cards league matches. Click on "FIFA World Cup" infront of "More Results" label to view all info about pools, results, teams and fixtures.

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Ultimate Football Results currently have over 700 weekly installs and this count will increase as FIFA World Cup 2010 countdown will be over soon.

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