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FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Arrives on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

EA Sports has released FIFA World Cup 2010 game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Game has been released right before the FIFA 2010 World Cup being held in South Africa, to promote and enhance the soccer experience for fans. EA brought many improvements in FIFA 10, graphics and gameplay both are much better than older FIFA versions.

The game features all available teams and leagues. Players are fully characterized, not only in appearance but also in skills. The controls of the game are improved as well, game has 3 joypad buttons to manage dynamic all game actions. iPad will definitely offer more ease in gameplay than iPhone and iPod Touch.

Few user reviews about the game:

Overall I'm quite happy with this game so far. The controls take a while to get comfortable with, but the game isn't too easy or too hard, and … there's multiple difficulty settings so you can find the perfect setting for you. I'm impressed with the level of content that EA put into the game. A lot of what's in the console versions is in this version.

I bought his game about 3 weeks ago and I liked it but now, with the latest update………… I LOVE IT!!!! the flowing d-pa is awsome ( don't listen to the retard that says it moves everywhere and makes it hard to control the players) it makes it SO much easier/better.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Have a look at gameplay in action.

[Video via TouchArcade]

Game can be downloaded from App Store with 6.99 USD price tag. To conclude, with overall functions, graphics and gameplay FIFA 10 offers, soccer fans must give it a try!

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