WritePad: Handwriting Recognition App For iPad

WritePad is a handwriting recognition app created by PhatWare Corp for iPad which allows you to take notes on iPad in your very own handwriting. You can either use your finger or iPad stylus pen to write notes on your large iPad screen. WritePad is an intelligent app for iPad which learns and adapts your writing style, making itself more accurate by improving the recognition quality overtime. Moreover WritePad allows you to record simple gestures to select, cut, copy, paste text and insert special characters.

WritePad For iPad WritePad: Handwriting Recognition App For iPad
Some words by Stanislav Miasnikov, President of PhatWare Corp:

For many years our handwriting recognition software was available on numerous mobile devices including iPhone and others, but only now we have found the perfect hardware match – Apple iPad. Today am pleased to announce WritePad for iPad – the world’s most advanced handwriting recognition software designed for iPad.

Features of WritePad

  1. WritePad learns and adapts your writing style while its being used, making itself more accurate by improving the recognition quality overtime.
  2. WritePad has its own Spell Checker, capable of fixing common spelling and recognition errors.
  3. Support Shorthand feature that lets users perform editing commands, insert current date, time and any repetitive text by writing a short name and drawing a circle around it.
  4. With WritePad, you can exchange documents with other devices like iPads or iPhones over Wifi connection.
  5. By using Bing Translator, you can translate your documents to 13 supported languages.

WritePad For iPad1 WritePad: Handwriting Recognition App For iPad
You can download WritePad v3.2 for only $9.99 USD from App Store in the Productivity category. Click here to download.

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  • R. K. Myers

    Have you considered offering Writepad for IPad on a trial basis? My handwriting hasn’t won any awards and I have conern that WritePad will be unable to recognize it. I would really like to Try it before I Buy it.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  • Lucila

    Why not portuguese version?

  • Dhruba Ghosh

    I am interested to know if the handwriting app from you will also help to convert from handwritten material on the IPAD into word doc or simple text ?

    Thanks and awaiting your advice.
    Dhruba Ghosh

  • GerryH

    Can you suggest a stylus for usage with the ipad ?
    do you also support german as language?

    • peter

      look at Etsy and search for shapedad and stylus..great solution, bought it myself and using it for 3 weeks now, much better than the pogo pen which is now catching dust in a drawer