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Keep An Eye On Spirit, Says Geohot

Earlier we shared a news about a tool called Limera1n which was supposed to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.3 or iPhone OS 4.0. Later Geohot confirmed that there is no such tool but someone has falsely registered a domain by using his publicly available email and home address. Geohot just told his followers (via Twitter) to keep an eye on the Spirit Jailbreak rather than a expecting jailbreak from other fake tools like Limera1n & Thunderst0rm.

Geohot Keep An Eye On Spirit
For those who don't know much about Spirit Jailbreak: Spirit Jailbreak was first introduced by a hacker named "Comex" and it is supposed to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.3 and OS 3.2 on every iDevice with the newer bootrom. It's interesting to note that this is an untethered jailbreak. Comex released video demo of the very first userland (browser based) untethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.3 on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iPhone Dev-Team has also confirmed and commended comex's efforts. Later MuscleNerd who happens to be a member of iPhone Dev-Team released another video in which he rooted iPad OS 3.2 in less than 24 hours of its release.
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    Beverly8 years, 9 months ago

    Zeus dit :Pour de la basebande il suifft de ne pas la mettre a jour, car il me semble que c’est tout a fait possible, je tiens a faire remarquer que le jailbreak est aborder avant meme la sortie de l’OS en version finale et je pense que c’est tre8s bon signe car le dernier s’est fait attendre (ce n’est en aucun cas une critique)Pour faire court : un grand merci a tous ceux qui travail dur pour libe9rer nos pre9cieux