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Real Photos and Videos of iPhone 4G?

Gizmodo is reporting that they have a found a real iPhone 4G prototype in a bar at Redwood City. Apple has also confirmed this via John Gruber that an iPhone 4G prototype was stolen and they want it back, hence indirectly confirming the authenticity of the found device. The guy who found the lost phone said that the device was running iPhone OS 4.0 beta even before the announcement of the new firmware. However Apple remotely locked the device before Gizmodo bought the phone from the lucky man.

What's New In iPhone 4G?

  • A front camera for video chatting.
  • The camera at the back is improved as its lens is quite larger than that of iPhone 3GS.
  • The front and back camera has a flash light.
  • A display screen with much higher resolution than iPhone 3GS.
  • Secondary mic is added next to the headphone jack, probably for noise cancellation.
  • Split buttons for volume.
  • Metallic power, mute and volume buttons.
  • The backside of the phone is completely flat, probably made from glass or ceramic or shiny plastic for better signal reception.
  • The edges of the body is completely made from aluminum.
  • As predicted earlier, the phone has slightly smaller screen size than iPhone 3GS but screen-resolution is improved.
  • Everything is more squared off.
  • Its 3 grams more heavier as well as it has 16% larger battery size than other iPhones.

iPhone 4G Photos

iPhone 4G Prototype
iPhone 4G Prototype
iPhone 4G Prototype
iPhone 4G Prototype
iPhone 4G Prototype
iPhone 4G vs iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4G Videos

iPhone 4G dubbed as iPhone HD is expected to be released this summer at WWDC 2010 event. There are rumors that iPhone 4G will be featuring multitasking, video chat, will be cheaper than its predecessors, may have reduced screen size, a 5MP Camera and many more...

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