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Print Documents And Photos From iPad With PrintCentral

PrintCentral is an iPad app which allows you to print emails, documents, photos, contacts and web-pages etc right from your iPad. PrintCentral app has been created by EuroSmartz, the same company which created the first printing app "Print n Share" for iPhone and iPod Touch users. PrintCentral is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch too. It means if you are an iPhone and iPad owner, all you need is one printing app, that is PrintCentral. PrintCentral is the only app which allows you to print document of any type to any printer attached to your Apple Mac or PC using Wifi or 3G.

Some words by Martin Schenkel, Product Development Director at EuroSmartz

With our Print n Share application we introduced totally new functionality to the iPhone and iPod touch. The iPad brings with it new and unique functionality that opens a new, exciting market of ultra portable computing. This will highlight more than ever before the need for printing while on the move, PrintCentral brings this much needed functionality to the iPad in a simple to use and elegant way.

PrintCentral App iPad

PrintCentral Features

Following are three main features of PrintCentral app:

  • Allows you to print document of any type on any printer.
  • Allows you to transfer any kind of documents or photos from iPad to iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Allows you to transfer files from PC/Mac to iPad and vice-versa via Wifi connection.

PrintCentral App iPad

Languages Supported By PrintCentral:

  • US English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

You can buy PrintCentral v1.01 via Apple iTunes App Store for U.S. $9.99, GBP £5.99 or 7.99 Euro. Although the app is bit more costly but i think this app is worth buying as it turns your iPhone / iPad into a mini computer with complete reading, writing and now printing capability.

Click here to navigate to App Store to buy PrintCentral | [via iClarified]

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