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iPhone OS 4.0 On iPhone 4G Design Concept

As expected, iPhone OS 4.0 final version will be shipping with iPhone 4G which will be released this summer at WWDC 2010. iPhone OS 4.0 is a major firmware release from Apple which support features like Multitasking, Folder Feature, Game Center and 5x Digital Zoom. All of these features will be supported by iPhone 4G (now dubbed as iPhone HD). A designer at RenderCreativity has already created a concept design of iPhone 4G running iPhone OS 4.0. Have a look at these pictures and decide yourself how iPhone 4G will look like while running iPhone OS 4.0. We have already shared number of concept designs created by different artists for iPhone 4G. You can view them here.

iPhone OS On iPhone 4G
iPhone OS On iPhone 4G
iPhone OS On iPhone 4G
iPhone OS On iPhone 4G

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