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iPhone 4G Internal Hardware Revealed

While Apple is demanding its iPhone 4G prototype by writing letters to Gizmodo, it seems that the Gawker Media's blog have no intentions to give it back. Gizmodo recently dissected the whole iPhone 4G confirming that this device actually belongs to Apple. The main logic board of iPhone 4G is approx 1/3rd the size of iPhone 3GS. Moreover it is covered with a metal so that no one can see the processor info. Not only main logic board but many other parts were also shielded by a metal case. Almost 50% of the interior space is covered by the large battery of iPhone 4G. iPhone 4G battery can be easily removed by opening the case.

According to Gizmodo, there is no further room for more components that Apple can fit in the final version of iPhone 4G. 2ndly Apple has really shrunk down the size of the components inorder to create a space for a large battery (approx 19% larger to that of iPhone 3GS).

iPhone 4G Teardown Photos

iPhone 4G Hardware
iPhone 4G Hardware
iPhone 4G Hardware
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For those who don't know the Gizmodo-Apple story: Gray Powell, who happens to be a software engineer at Apple forgot iPhone 4G prototype on his stool at a bar in Redwood City and left the bar in drunken state. A stranger later got hold of the phone and started playing with it considering it iPhone 3GS. Next day when he woke up, he found his iPhone bricked as Apple remotely wiped the complete OS via MobileMe tool. When Gizmodo heard the news, they bought the iPhone 4G prototype from that guy for about $5k– $10k USD. Later they published a full-fledged review of iPhone 4G prototype revealing all the hardware secrets of iPhone 4G. Apple on the other hand was shocked, they wrote a letter to Gizmodo that they want their secret iPhone 4G back. But untill now, Gizmodo seems to have no plans to return the Next Generation iPhone 4G back to Apple.

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