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iPhone OS 4.0 Released: 100+ New Features Added

Apple has just announced the developer preview of iPhone 4.0 OS. Final version of iPhone 4.0 OS will be released this summer, however developers preview will be available for download today. Main highlights of the this major release include multitasking, fast app switching, per-app SMS and alerts, app folders, a new Mail App, iBooks, custom backgrounds, game center, iAd advertising, 5x digital zoom, tap to focus video and Bluetooth keyboards. Multitasking features will be available only for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd-gens devices and future iPhones. iPhone OS 4.0 will be available for iPad this fall but iPhone will be the lucky one which will get this update first.

iPhone OS 4.0


Finally most demanding feature of Multitasking is here. iPhone OS 4.0 will be supporting multitasking. Just a double tap on your home button will bring full list of apps running in background. Tap to switch to that particular app. You can run SEVEN apps in parallel at most. Details and video demo here.

Custom Backgrounds:

Now you can choose persistent background for your iPhone. Not only for your home screen or lock screen. This feature will allow more customization in iPhone OS looks.

5x Digital Zoom:

OS is powered with 5x digital zoom, looks like the next generation iPhone will have an improved camera, currently 3GS has 3.2 MP camera

Tap to Focus:

Tap to focus functionality to zoom-in in videos

App Switching:

With the introduction of multitasking, you can now actually freeze the apps, only the required function of app will run in background and upon restoring the apps, they will restore to exactly the state they were in when they were closed.

Folders for Apps:

This is one of the highlights of 4.0 OS, now you can organize you apps by placing them in different folders. It was a much needed and demanded functionality. Details and video demo here.

Push Notifications and Apps SMS Alerts:

Notifications can now be sent from apps on iPhone, to be precise, you will get alerts on apps which are running in background, notifications will pop up in apps notifying you that there are updated information is available on apps.

New Improved Mail App:

Many improvements in iPhone's mail client. There are now Multiple Exchange Accounts, Threaded Emails and overall speed and performance of client is fast now.

iBooks App:

The famous iBooks ebook reader app earlier released for iPad, comes to iPhone now. It's a nice addition indeed.

Custom Backgrounds:

You can now choose persistent background for your iPhone, not just for the lock-screen.

iAd Mobile Advertising:

Apple has finally rolled out its new mobile adverting platform - iAd. OS 4.0 comes with an iAd widget, the idea Apple trying to use is that instead of relying on links to external websites, developers can use Apple's new tools to keep people in the app while still showing them advertising.

Gaming Center:

Apple is going to bring in a centralized gaming center with social gaming options, the idea is to bring a multilayer gaming network like XBox, Play Station.

Bluetooth Keyborad Support:

Like iPad, iPhone 4.0 will have Bluetooth keyboard support.

There is a huge set of other new developer features, details could be found here. Please note that Apple's latest 3rd generation products including iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G will enjoy all features of OS 4.0, while iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G will get "many things" but will NOT get multitasking, same goes for iPhone 2G.

You can follow our complete coverage on iPhone 4.0 OS, from here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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