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Gizmodo-Apple Controversy [Complete Story]

Yup, the famous Gawker Media's blog Gizmodo is now under police investigation. For those who don't know: Apple software engineer, Gray Powell lost the iPhone 4G prototype in a bar at Redwood City, a stranger got hold of the iPhone but found it bricked in the morning, later he sold the iPhone to Gizmodo for about $5k– $10k USD. Gizmodo first published a detailed review of iPhone 4G and then they dissected the complete iPhone to reveal its hardware specs.

Gray Powell - Software Engnr At Apple

Gray Powell - Software Engnr At Apple

Mean while Apple sent many letters to Gizmodo asking them to return their prototype back but Gizmodo response was negative. Apple was already much disappointed by their leak of iPhone 4G prototype and Gizmodo negation to their request frustrated them even more. Apple contacted the local police and filed an investigation case against Gizmodo, however the main purpose of the investigation is to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to file criminal charges.

Some words by the Silicon Valley Police:

Apple has spoken to local police about the incident and the investigation will be conducted by a task force of cybercrime led by District Attorney of Santa Clara County.
The purpose of the survey is to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to file a criminal complaint.

Apple Police
Gizmodo returned the device after receiving an official request from Bruce Sewell, Apple's senior vice president and general counsel. Last Friday police entered Gizmodo's editor-in-chief Jason Chen's house when he was away for dinner with his wife. Below is a complete story by Chen in his own words:

Gizmodo Chen Police In House

Thats it!. We will be updating this article as soon as we get any other important news about Gizmodo-Apple saga.
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