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iPad Jailbroken By Geohot With Blackra1n

GeoHot (George Hotz), the kid behind first ever iPhone jailbreak is in the spotlight again. GeoHot has shown blackra1n tool running on iPad via latest post on his blog, earlier he sent a tweet in which he showed that iPad is running in verbose mode, in verbose mode user have full control of OS when its booting up. Its just like when you boot up your Mac OS X with –v argument. So it looks like he is all set to release blackra1n tool to jailbreak iPad OS 3.2.

Here is iPad running in verbose mode.

iPad Verbose Bootup

Another image posted by GeoHot showing blackra1n tool running on iPad.

Another tool named Spirit from a team of hackers has also shown iPad being jailbreaked, Dev-Team has confirmed the authenticity of the tool by publishing a video, which is showing root access of iPad.

No timeline for the release of both tools is given, blackra1n for iPad by GeoHot and Spirit are expected to be released once iPad 3G is available, which will be in late April. Stay tuned for more updates.

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