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Twitter Apps for iPad

Twitter, as we all know is one of the fastest growing social network. The social network giant apparently don't have any plans to release their own apps for famous Apple product including much popular iPhone and newly unveiled iPad, though third party companies are continuously bringing in twitter apps for both iPhone and iPad. You can find hundreds of twitter apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, we shall discuss here the first batch of few popular twitter apps released for iPad.

Following are few popular iPad apps which have been recently unveiled for iPad.

Twitterrific App for iPad

Twitterific is one the famous Twitter apps, it was the first Twitter app for iMac, the app is also available for iPhone and now it's coming for iPad. The app is supposed for be announced around launch date of iPad, once released, it can be downloaded from Apple iPad App Store for FREE, but a PRO version of app will cost $4.99.

Tweetie App for iPad

Tweetie is another powerful and famous app released for iPhone and iPod Touch by Loren Brichter, and it's doing pretty well. Tweetie app has recently been updated to incorporate the changes for its iPad version to be released soon, as per few resources, application is ready to be featured for iPad. Once released, it can be downloaded form Apple iPad Store, there are no statements about the price of the app but we assume it would be around iPhone app price, i-e $2.99.

TwitePad App for iPad

Twitepad is a new application, it has no earlier versions for iPhone or iPod Touch. The company has released a concept video of application and confirmed that their application has been approved by Apple and it would be released around iPad launch date. The app has a user friendly interface, the best part is its multi-tasking capability, it's the first twitter app to feature multi-tasking. Application would be available for download on iPad App Store for $0.99.

So if you have an iPad, you should try out these handy twitter iPad apps. To find more about Twitter, visit here, and for our complete coverage on iPad, please visit here.

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