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Brian J. Hogan Sold iPhone 4G Prototype To Gizmodo For $5000

Wired is reporting that the stranger who found the lost iPhone 4G prototype in a bar at Redwood City is Brian J. Hogan and he sold the prototype to Gizmodo for U.S. $5000 only for reviewing the iPhone. Brian Hogan is a 21 years old youngster who lives in Redwood City, California. According to his lawyer, someone handed the lost phone to him in the bar as he was sitting next to Gray Powell, Apple software engnr who lost the phone. He tried his best to contact Apple to return the lost phone but got no response, so he finally ended up in selling the iPhone 4G to Gizmodo for U.S. $5000.

Apple Police
As told earlier, Apple has filed an investigation case against Gizmodo and recently police raided the house of Gizmodo's editor-in-chief Jason Chens, however the main purpose of this investigation is to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to file criminal charges against Gizmodo or not. Hogan has also been interviewed by police but he has not been charged with any crime according to his attorney.

Hogan and WallowerIn above picture: Gray Powell - Brian J.Hogan
CNET reported that Brian Hogan was not directly in negotiation with Gizmodo but a 27 year old student of UC Berkeley named Sage Robert Wallower settled the deal between Gizmodo and Hogan. Both Brian J.Hogan and Sage Robert Wallower are cooperating with the police in the ongoing investigation of Gizmodo-Apple saga.

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