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Backup Your iDevice SHSH Blobs By Using AutoSHSH Grabber RC2

iPhone-Dev Team have strongly recommended all iPhone and iPad users to backup their SHSH blobs so that they can downgrade their iPhone OS incase Apple releases a firmware update after Comex make its Spirit Jailbreak public. Spirit jailbreak (Untethered) will allow you to jailbreak your iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPad OS 3.2 on almost all iDevices with newer bootroms. If you will not save your SHSH blobs now, you will not be able to downgrade your iDevice firmware incase you upgrade it to the future firmware releases by Apple.

AutoSHSH Grabber RC2
We have already shared a complete step by step guide to save your iPad OS 3.2 SHSH blobs using AutoSHSH Grabber. iH8n0w has released AutoSHSH Grabber RC2 which allows you to save your iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPad OS 3.2 SHSH blobs easily. Download and follow the step by step guide here to save your SHSH via AutoSHSH Grabber RC2.

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    Ali Al-Amer10 years, 9 months ago

    I have a problem with my iphone 3Gs when Itried to upgrade it into ios 4.2.1.
    It stopped on the iTune mode.
    Itried to restore ie but still stuck.

    What do you suggest?